Friday, January 16, 2009

Excuse me, Rachel!

Look at all those heads turn!

Growing up, I never shared the name of a classmate, friend, or neighbor. It wasn't until my late elementary school years that I actually knew another

Fast forward a few years to college. In my class alone at the small little Christian college I attended, there were 15
Rachels. Talk about shock to the system.

There I was a freshman. Still making friends and getting to know people. Someone (probably one of my "crushes") calls out - "
Hey Rachel!" I turn and smile. I realize they are looking past me and waving to another Rachel. Sigh. Bummer.

I met my handsome husband at college. (Which reminds me, I know I have said this before, stay tuned for the story I'm going to share) From day 1, he NEVER called me
Rachel. It has always been Rach or Rachie. Maybe he, too, was confused with all of the Rachels everywhere.

Fast forward to the present. Bloggyworld is plump full of
Rachels. I find myself doing double-takes when I leave comments on blogs or send messages. Rachel, Rachel, Rachel.

You know what? I have yet to meet a "bad"
Rachel. Don't we all have names that we automatically associate with not so pleasant know what I'm talking about. But yeah, no bad Rachels to spoil our fine name. We must be a pretty great group!

To the
Rachel's of Blog Land and Beyond.....I celebrate you today! Thanks for being so fun and fabulous. Thanks for teaching me. Thanks for sharing your stories. Thanks for making me smile.

To the rest of you lovely your name unique? Do you share your name with many? Did having a popular name drive you to name your child something very one of a kind??

Much love,
Rachel@ In His Hands


  1. i don't meet many "misty's" but since blogging i have seen a couple around.

    i assoicate names with teenagers since we have been around them for 8 years now. either hate the name or love it! ha and it was very hard to name our boys because of this very factor - we didn't want to be thinking of "that" teenager everytime we said our sons name.

    one of my bf's in elementary was rachel & i've only known one more but you're right... super fun to be around! :)

  2. I've never met another "Sherilyn" but every now & then someone mentions that they've heard the name before. I tend to perk up if I hear "Shirley" though, not too sure why!

    WE also named our kids unique names, but easy to spell & pronounce b/c I am forever spelling my name for people!

  3. YAY for the Rachels! I've had the problem my whole life...Sarah's everywhere. In my tiny town in my tiny church there's four :)

    Great post!

  4. Bloggy world is for sure full of Rachel's! I would have to agree, though - I haven't "met" any that I don't like!!! My husband is Brad, and two of our best friends in real life are a couple named Rachel and Chad (from the unexpected blessings blog)...people usually get a kick out of it when we are all together and introduce ourselves..."Rachel, Brad, Rachel, Chad..." And both of us Rachels have sisters named Sarah...!!!

  5. I grew up with NO other Emilys until High School. NOW, of course, there are little Emilys all over the place. It's been in the top 10 Baby Names for years now!!

  6. I always had Sara's in my classes. Only they were SaraH's. Which I like to say I'm Sara not Sar-ra-ha.
    And not only that but those Sarah's were a bit snobby. Never fail. Introductions, talking, vibe then the question Do you spell it with an H? (Yeh, coulda guessed)
    But on the SAME token I've only met a small amount that spell without the H and THOSE, noe THOSE Sara's are always sweet, and funny and nice. There is no air of betterness in them. It's all in the H. (in my opinion)With ONE exception, and it's taken me 34 years to find it. Sarah@ Parsonage. She defies my logic.
    And I must say I find the same goes for the name Jennifer. Girls that go by Jennifer are SO different then those that go by Jenny or Jenn. It is the WEIRDEST thing.

  7. Woo-Hoo for Rachels! I too have had many Rachels in my life. They are the best. So far not a bad one in the bunch. There was one that I did not get along with so well, but I think that we were to much the same. She wasn't bad, just stuborn. (This also seems to be a big trait in Rachels!) And she spelled her name Rachael so I am not sure if she counts.

    Thanks for sharing, Rachel!

    Rachel :)

  8. Now that you mention it I have never met a "bad" Rachel either...I'm going to keep that in mind if a girl ever joins our family :)

    I had a few Kristens in my classes in high school/college. I don't mind "sharing" my name, but it always bothered me that my parents decided to spell it w/an "en" instead on of the more common "in". People constantly misprounce my name for some reason as Christine. Doesn't bother me as an adult, but for some reason as a child/teen I found it horrifying. That led me to make sure we chose the most popular way of spelling both our son's names and making them easy to pronounce.


  9. I have a Rachel in my past that wasn't very nice to me. I prefer not to waste too much time thinking about her now that I'm grown up and a much stronger person... hmm... wonder if I'll run into her someday...

    I was a Jenny growing up. There is just too much in the mainstream with the name Jenny associated with it. That Forest Gump movie should never have been made! I changed it to Jen & Jennifer in college... but then met a good friend named Jenny, go figure!!!

    Sarah/Sara is pretty high on our list of baby names. I'm going to have to give the h/no-h thing some more thought!

  10. Actually, I didn't know another Sara growing up, not to mention I went by 'Sara Lynn' for the first 12 years of my life!! My southern mom said I would NEVER be called Sara.....well, I dropped the Lynn in middle school. Now, when I visit home, you can tell how long a person has known me by what they call me!!!

  11. Cute post! I loved it! Just the other day I told Luke that every other Megan I have ever met was really mean. I'm sure I've met a nice one but the mean ones tend to stick out in my mind!

  12. Haha, good point! I don't know a bad Rachel either!

    However, I do know some names that every person I meet with that name turns out to be mean or hateful. Naturally, I won't give those names, in case anyone here has

  13. Nice post, Rachel! At MLC there were 4 other Rachels on my softball team - Rachel Kassulke, Rachel Wilkens, Rachel Hering, and myself! I thought all those other Rachels were nice too. :)

    Go Rachels!

    -Rachel Zahn

  14. I loved this post. My two very very best friends are Rachel@Unexpected Blessings and Rachel from In the Waiting. We often go out as a group with our husbands. Usually when I am talking about them, I refer to them as "the Rachel's". They are the very best and I love them to pieces!

  15. ha! i was going to say almost exactly what emily (imagine that!) said above. there was only one other emily where i went to high school... and, in college and beyond, i only knew of others, my sisters teammate or a friend of a friend. now, as an adult, i don't have any other emilys in my social circle. however, THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF LITTLE EMILYS RUNNING AROUND!!!! (and, they are really, really cute!)

  16. I hated my name when I was a little girl, even though I didn't know any other Elizabeths. I just thought it was too formal. I wanted a normal name, like "Michelle," so that's what I told people my name was. Now I love my name. But I will never like the name Andrea. Like you said, too many bad memories. Mine are about a certain mean girl in elementary school. Ugh!

  17. Believe it or not, my parents were supposed to name me Rachel...until some of their best friends named THEIR baby girl Rachel first. So they went with Jackie. Which, if I'm being honest, I HATED as I grew up, because it was different and nobody had that name and I felt weird. Now I don't mind so much, although I still sorta wish I was a Rachel. :)

  18. My name is Emma, but I've always gone by Emy. I was always the ONLY one growing up, of either name. Now that I'm older I go by both. Everywhere I go I hear my names being called out because there are ZILLIONS of little girls with both names. My head is constantly whipping around, thinking that I'm just that popular. :)

    My Mom always says she was way before her time. :)

  19. I forgot to mention that our son's name is Ben, pretty common... but I wanted him to be able to find pencils, or stickers, or cute little license plates for you bike with your name on it. I never had those. So, I guess I did the opposite.

  20. YAY for Rachels!!! To the first Rachel who commented, I have a friend (Rachel) who has a sister named Sarah.

    I'm a Rachel, but my sister is not a Sara.

    I, too, have never met a Rachel I didn't like.

    And yes, when I read the title of the post, I definitely snapped out of my lazy blogreading stare and opened your page out of my if you were sending me an email over your blog.

  21. I don't know many Joelle...
    And about my children's name : Anaelle is a contraction for "Hannah" and "Elohim", that means grace or gift of God.
    Antoine's second name is Simeon, "granted"...
    yes, our two adoptees are gifts of God, He answered our prayers by giving them to us !

  22. Genevieve..... never met one that wasn't at least 80!


  23. there have to be one million "jennifer's". i never had a class that didn't have another one in it.

    not such the popular name anymore.

    it's so crazy to think that one day it will be an "old lady " name like "Ruby" or "Esther".



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