Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy 1st Father's Day Josh!!!

We celebrated Josh’s 1st Father’s Day yesterday!! We may not have our baby in our arms today, but the love we already have for our little one is so true and so strong. There are many reasons why I always knew in my heart that Josh would be an incredible father….the handful of pictures above (Josh with our beautiful nieces) are evidence to that fact. Not only will he play with and care for our child, but most importantly he will teach him about the Savior Jesus.

I wanted to get Josh a little something to what else would I get a carpenter than a little play toolbelt/tools for his future "little helper"?? He loved it!

I love you, Josh – I can’t wait to see our baby in your arms.

~ Rach

*** Once again, a Happy Father's Day to our Dads!!!! We love you more than you could ever know!! Thank you for being such amazing examples - you have brought us up in Christian homes and loved the Lord above all else. We hope to set such an example for our children. ***

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  1. Hi! I saw you had listed your blog on the Holt BB (I haven't posted there yet...decided to wait until we are HSTK). I'm probably a few months ahead of you (just finished our homestudy and am waiting for it to be written up). Anyways, congratulations on adopting from South Korea! We are also and are very very excited :) I hope this process goes quickly for both of us :)



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