Friday, June 20, 2008

Meeting #2

Hi All!

Josh and I had our 2nd meeting with our adoption social worker, Jess, on Wednesday. We really enjoy talking with her - she's very easy going and has a ton of great info to share with us. She herself was adopted from Korea as an infant, so its amazing to hear her experience and perspective.

We talked a lot about ourselves - our personalities & hobbies, why we want to adopt, what kind of parents we will be, etc. Some of the questions she asked were VERY thought provoking.......lets just say Josh and I have a lot to think about and discuss!

Next week we both go in for our individual interviews. Now the response "Ditto to what she/he said" isn't going to cut it! Our final homestudy meeting with Jess will take place at our house later on this summer.

Enjoy the weekend, everybody!! Its warm in WI these days - finally! I'm thinking about planting some flowers tomorrow - our yard is in serious need of TLC!

Take care,

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