Monday, June 9, 2008

Our Journey

Leaving Korea 7
Thoughts of an expectant mama...

The path that led us here {on the blessing of infertility}
A letter to me at 23 {on the Sisterhood}
Our own {on the sweet truth I wish everyone knew}
A Glimpse {on waiting for The Call}
Adoption Q&A Part 1
Adoption Q&A Part 2


Our Little One {meet Josiah YeJoon}
Referral Call {on the details of the day that changed us}
I'm a Mom {on being a new mama}
To make you feel my love {on a love across miles}
I'm not a sprinter {on the perfect pace of this journey}
It is both {on joy and loss}
If {on the struggle between fear and trust}


Travel Call!!!
Here he is {on the day that began the rest of our life}
Korea Trip Days 1&2 {a rewind post}
Korea Trip Day 3 {a rewind post}
Korea Trip Days 4&5 {a rewind post}
Korea is {on unwrapping the gift of our son's birth country}


Our new journey begins...

We are HOME!!! {on leaving Korea as a family of 3}
My own {not flesh of my flesh}
The bench {on a special place}
Let's talk babies, shall we? {on the desire to grow our family}
The blink of an eye {on celebrating our referral anniversary}

Our Korean Adoption Timeline...

5/30/08 Mail Application to Lifelink International
6/6/08 First Meeting with Social Worker
6/18/08 Second Meeting with Social Worker
6/25/08 Third Meeting with Social Worker {Individual Interviews}
7/11/08 Final Visit with Social Worker
7/29/08 Fingerprints taken by USCIS
10/17/08 Attend Parent Training Session
11/13/08 Josiah YeJoon is Born in South Korea!!!
4/23/09 Referral Call!!!!
4/24/09 Saw Josiah's Photo for the 1st Time
4/30/09 Acceptance Paperwork Complete
6/9/09 Legal Documents arrive
7/8/09 USCIS I-600 Approval
7/14/09 NVC in
7/16/09 NVC out
7/17/09 P3
8/13/09 Visa Interview
8/18/09 Josiah's Visa is Issued
We wait and wait and wait and wait...
9/9/09 TRAVEL CALL!!!!!!!!!
9/13/09 Leave for Korea
9/15/09 We Meet our Son
9/21/09 Home with Josiah

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  1. I am here from Kelly's Korner. My story is a little different, but I was adopted from Korea. :) Your story is so precious and your little boy is BEAUTIFUL.



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