Thursday, June 26, 2008

So, tell me about yourself...

So Josh and I both had our individual interviews with our Social Worker, Jessie, yesterday. It is kinda bizarre spending an hour talking (aka babbling) just about yourself. Topics asked about: childhood hobbies, my parent's personalities, three words to describe myself, strengths and weaknesses etc. Even though it wasn't something I'd like to do every day - it was actually kinda fun! Jess totally puts you at ease and is easy to laugh with.
Now that our "interviews" are just about finished, Jess will use all of the information that she has collected/observed to write up our Homestudy. After she completes it, it will be sent off to Korea!!!! Our final meeting (home visit) is scheduled for the 2nd week in July. I've heard to NOT GO CRAZY cleaning....I have a feeling I still will!
Speaking of cleaning....that is what's on my agenda for tonight - fun! Josh is working an extra carpentry job right now. The dust bunnies are callin' my name....

God's blessings everyone,


P.S. Talking so much about my childhood brought back a bunch of great memories, so I included 2 pics of Josh and I as kiddos - pretty cute, huh?!

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  1. I'm glad your meetings went well. And, to echo what you've already heard, don't go crazy cleaning! I didn't clean at all before our home visit (and then panicked a little right before!). They're mostly looking for things like, do you have a roof and running water!

    Hope your homestudy is approved soon!

    Yvonne from Lifelink Waiters



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