Wednesday, August 6, 2008


We had to take a bit of a break in our vacation last Tuesday to go to our local USCIS office (US Citizenship & Immigration Services) so that we could be fingerprinted for the adoption process. We checked in with the clerk and within seconds of sitting down, he motioned for us to follow him into the next room. The whole process was quick and interesting to watch. The screening is done digitally, so as each finger tip was rolled onto the machine the fingerprint image popped up onto the computer screen. It is so amazing how each fingerprint on each person's hand is unique - the work of God our Creator.

My mom, Julie, took these photos to document the day! Now that I look at the pictures I see that our hands are empty, waiting in anticipation. Getting our fingerprints done put us another step closer to holding our baby's hand in ours. The wait for our child is SO hard, but knowing that our loving Father's hands are connecting us to each other is such a joy and comfort. Continue to keep us in your prayers!

"At the works of your hands, O Lord, I lift up my voice in song; I sing for joy."
Psalm 30, Christian Worship Hymnal

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  1. Rachel,

    Thanks for your post...I have been feeling very frustrated that we've had Aidan's referral for 5 weeks now and still do not have our legals. Your post reminded me that God's Hand is guiding us through this journey and that Aidan will be home with us on God's Time. I have been praying for patience and found it in your words. Thank you!



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