Thursday, September 11, 2008


"O Lord, you promise that in all things you work for the good of those who love you. Help me see your loving hand in this time of trouble. Save me from doubt, relieve my anguish, and lead me through these dark days with the light of your presence."
Christian Worship Hymnal

On a sunny morning 7 years ago, I was walking back to my college dorm after my 1st class of the day when I was stopped by a friend who was frantically talking about a plane hitting the World Trade Center. I ran into my room, flipped on the TV, and watched in horror as the horrible tragedy replayed on the screen. Simply shocking, heartbreaking, devastating.

Today we remember those who were killed in that horrible terrorist attack as well as all of the families & friends affected. Today we celebrate the many brave and dedicated men and women who chose to serve in this country's military, including my incredible uncle & cousin - Mike & Tyson who are in the U.S. Air Force. Today we honor those who have lost their lives as they fought to keep us safe here on U.S. soil, including a fellow WLA graduate of mine, Army Captain Derek Dobogai.

I find much comfort in knowing that the Lord is our ONE constant in life - in joy and in tragedy. He has NEVER left us and NEVER will. Sin has corrupted the world, but through our Savior Jesus we have hope and a life in heaven that will be perfect and have no tears, tragedy, or terror.

"O God, my Father in heaven, bless every effort to establish peace among the nations of the world. Give wisdom and strength to those who lead, guide those who make decisions, and transform the hearts of people everywhere to exalt peace above war, justice above gain, and honor above glory."
Christian Worship Hymnal

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