Monday, September 15, 2008

Broken, but Faith-Filled Hearts

As many of you know, Christian singer Steven Curtis Chapman and his family are suffering the devastating loss of their youngest daughter, Maria. The video (CBS Early Show) below provides more details and Chapman sings his amazing song, Cinderella. As you can imagine, the hearts of this family are broken, but not without hope and faith in the Lord. (You'll most likely need some tissues!)

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I have a few of Chapman's songs in my playlist at the bottom of the blog - check them out! The Chapman family does so much to support can find out more about their efforts at: Shaohannah's Hope


  1. Rachel,

    Thanks for posting this. I think the Chapman family are such an inspiration. I cannot begin to imagine their pain, but their strong faith is truly an example to us all.


  2. They are such a beautiful family!!



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