Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Building a Library

For as long as I can remember, I've been collecting books - chapter books, picture books, novels, you name it. I've just always loved to read. (I wonder who I get that from? Hmmm......Dad?!) Some of my fondest childhood memories are of my Grandma Lorraine reading to me Are you my Mother? or Lyle the Crocodile or plowing through as many Baby-sitter's Club books as I could get my hands on. (You know you read them, too....I still have an entire storage tote filled with my collection of them!)
Every year my parents give me a beautiful children's Christmas book to add to my collection - The Tale of the Three Trees, The Crippled Lamb, Legend of the Candy Cane. Its a tradition that is special to me because not only do I love the books, but Josh & I will be able to read them to our children.
Now that we are adopting our first child, there is an entire genre of books that we want to start adding to the collection. I've been searching for the best books that celebrate adoption, families, differences, and love. One particular book that has been highly recommended is A Mother for Choco which a story about a little yellow bird that goes in search of a mother. He finally finds his mom and even though she doesn't look like him, their home is full of love and happiness.
We hope that by reading this book (and ones that are similar) to our child, there will be natural opportunities to open the lines of communication about adoption, multicultural families, and appropriate adoption language.
I started a list of books that we would like to have for our children - the list is in the right column under the heading Our Book Wishlist. Slowly we'll add them to our kiddos' library to enjoy in the future. If you know of any ones that I should add, just let me know!
I think I'll go sit by the pool with a good book....


  1. I love children's books... so many of them have a great lesson to learn behind the story. I love reading out little guy Max Lucado's board books. They are still a bit old for him, but the illustrations keep his interest. Also, the book "If Jesus Came to Visit Me" chokes me up every time. It's written by Jill Roman Lord. I usually end up finishing the book in a whisper.

  2. Rach-
    It's great to hear that Grandma's reading to you over the years had such an impact on your life. (wish I could say the same, I am in the "one book a year club" myself)
    I remember those years with many fond memories of you and your sibs. I think I can recite "Are You My Mother" by heart, forward and backwards!
    Thinking of you lots and hoping all is well in Kokomo... Jan



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