Friday, September 12, 2008

Favorite Fotos Friday

Josh and I are the very proud uncle and auntie of this cute bunch of kiddos! This photo was taken during our vacation week with Josh's side of the family this summer. 3 babies looking at the camera (and NOT crying!) at the same time....priceless. 9 month old twins Will and Alli with their 5 month old cousin Emma in the middle!

Auntie Rach with Will and Alli...they are super smiley and adorable, of course!


  1. Adorable pictures...I cannot believe all 3 babies are looking at the camera w/o tears! I think I am going to need the photographer to come to my house when we bring Aidan home b/c right now it takes me 10 tries to get 1 decent picture of just Andy...I don't know how I will do it w/2 boys under 3!


  2. Your love for kids is really evident! You are going to make a TERRIFIC mother!



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