Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mom-to-Be's Retail Therapy

I find myself popping by the baby/kid's sections of many stores I go into.....a potentially dangerous situation. Obviously we are saving our pennies for the adoption expenses and therefore do not have the luxury to buy whatever our heart's desire, but
doesn't every Mom-t0-be need a little retail therapy to get her through the months of waiting? So far, I've limited my purchases to only on sale, inexpensive, or MAJOR clearance items and have loved every second of it! I've only spent around $30 or so....not bad! Looking good doesn't have to mean $$!

We know that the chances of our "Baby O" being a boy is very high, so I've been buying mostly boy items. (We've already been blessed with many beautiful hand-me-down girl clothes). Here are a few pictures of some of the cute things I've collected over the last 4 month
s. Since we're not sure how old our peanut is going to be at arrival home (most likely around 8-12 months) or what season it will be, I've gotten things in at least 18 month sizes. A lot of it is for when he's older - 3T, 4T. Enjoy checking out at my mini splurges!

Where do you shop to find great deals on cute kiddo clothes? I've hit up Target, Wal-Mart, Old Navy, Kohl's, and even a few garage sales. Let me know if you have any other options!


  1. I did the same thing for my son, and I'm now doing the same thing for our future daughter. It just makes you feel good to be purchasing stuff that your child will need. Somedays it just makes things alright, as you know one day they will come home and need them.

    I buy things that are on super sale, clearance, etc. I don't spend much but the pile of stuff for "baby sister" is slowly growing. Hand-me-down clothes are the best. For our son we received several boxes as we have many friends with boys... but not girls.

    Target and Kohl's sales are wonderful! JCPenney sales are good if you hit them just right.

  2. I think it's amazing how a little retail therapy helps during all of this waiting. FYI- don't be afraid to check out clearance racks at gymboree or gap. About a month ago I got my boys' whole wordrobe for next summer at gymboree. Didn't pay over $4 for anything! Love Target too!

  3. All the clothes are adorable. I admit, I look at the little boys clothes. I almost bought things a few times. I promised dh I'd wait for the referral. I have a 2 year old little girl so I just fill the void by giving her a beautiful wardrobe. LOL. I second the sales at Gymboree. Full price, I couldn't do it but there are some good sales there! Carters outlets are also great.

    Oh, and I've been eyeing that black t-shirt with the guitars (target?). One day...

  4. Marcie,
    The black "band" tee is from Target - good eye!

  5. Looks like we've been hitting up a lot of the same stores!

    Another one we really love is Carter's. They frequently have great sales and I've found their stuff holds up really well.

    Enjoy your shopping - its a great distraction from the wait!




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