Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Welcome Lovely Fall

(After my mini-trauma on Thursday, I said I would share with you my favorite things)

Fall is my favorite season...and it is here!
Fall is such a feel good season....it means the heat of summer has gone so I can pack away my shorts and cozy up in my favorite sweaters again. It means I have a reason to decorate the house again with scarecrows, gourds, and wre
aths. Fall is pumpkins to carve & decorate...football games to cheer for...trees changing color...the swirl of red & gold leaves...the crunch under my feet.

In the Midwest, winter is long & brutal (we shoveled ourselves out of over 102 inches of snow last year) and can cheat both spring and fall out of all their glory, but we are very blessed here to truly experience each of the seasons every year. The hand of God is evident as each one ends & a new one begins ~ amazing! I can't wait for our little Peaunt to be here to experience the seasons with....to be able to enjoy things from a little one's simple perspective.

Fall is my favorite season ~ what is yours?

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  1. I live in the midwest too and my favorite season always changes :) In the summer, it's totally fall and then by the end of winter I love seeing things come to life again outside!

    It's so hard to pick... ;)



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