Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wing Man

Just a little something that made me giggle this week:

Apparently a few of Josh's "Vicar" duties at the church will sometimes include "Wing Man". Every Thursday, Josh picks up a gentleman in his 80's - we'll call him Mr. B - to drive him to the evening Bible class. Well, Mr. B has a major crush on a lady in her 70's who attends the church - we'll call her Ms. H - and decided to invite her to dinner this past Thursday night. However, he needed a Wing Man. He also hoped to make it a "double date" - imagine his disappointment that I had to work that evening!

So picture Josh driving around in the car with, sitting across the booth from, and making conversation with the two "love birds". How can you NOT grin?

Oh, one of my favorite details...Mr. B brought Ms. H a gift. Flowers? Candy? A card? No - rather a 2 lb. tub of chocolate chip cookies. Now that's a man after my own heart.

Will there be a 2nd date? All I know is that they'll be sitting together in church this Sunday.

Ahh, young love.

1 comment:

  1. What a sweet story. You DH is a great sport for agreeing to this. Maybe for Date Night #2 you can go along! Sounds like fun!



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