Thursday, October 16, 2008

Can You Guess...

....WHO IS:
working until 9:15 PM,
going to bed at 10:00 PM,
waking up at 3:00 AM,
driving 6 hours to Wisconsin,
listenin' & learnin' for 8 hours at an adoption parent training session,
having supper with 2 lovely parents,
making the 6+ hour drive back to Indiana,
loosing an hour of sleep due to the time change,
then working an 8 hour work day on Saturday???

If you guessed ME (& Josh, too), you are, oh, so very smart. The ONLY one I would do this for is our sweet little peanut. :0) We are EXCITED to learn more about international adoption as well as meet other Korean adoptive families!

Since we are going to be gone ALL day tomorrow, I am putting up my "Favorite Foto Friday" post a bit early....

It was such a gorgeous-blue-skies-no-clouds-day last Friday, that I HAD to go over to church to take some pictures. I was playing around on this site and ended up making a photo mosaic of the pictures I took:

(click on collage to enlarge)

We are going to buy a new camera in the next few months. We have a Canon PowerShot, but its long life is coming to an end. And after all, we will be capturing pictures of our trip to South Korea and (most importantly) our baby ~ we definitely need a great camera! (Bonus: We have credit card points saved up that will cover most/if not all of the cost! Yay!) I have done research, but with so many brands and choices out there, I'm kind of clueless.....I do know that I want one that is simple enough to use, but has really good picture quality and features.

Do any of you LOVE your camera? Any recommendations? Please share!

Blessings to all,


  1. You will love going to class tomorrow! I haven't meet a family from our agency that hasn't said it was a great experience. I'll be well worth the trip and you will be glad that you did it.

    Enjoy yourselves. Make lots of new friends. Ask all your questions and enjoy being in the presence of so many wonderful adopting individuals.

  2. Have fun at the class!
    I would suggest getting a camera with a video feature. I have the new Nikon D90. We splurged because I wanted an SLR with a video feature. I am also taking photography classes and trying to get a career in the field, so it was a little pricey. I love it though.
    Whatever you choose, the video feature will be great for homecoming, or traveling to Korea. That way you don't have to carry around a separate video camera.
    Get a BIG memory card!
    Good luck!

  3. Hi Rachel, Joel and I have a Nikon D60 - SLR camera. We love it. We got it right before Adeline was born. It's SO worth it to spend a little more extra money for capturing those first moments (and all those moments there-after!). Word of advice - buy the camera from an actual camera store, not Best Buy or Circuit City. Joel did a lot of research and found the Nikon was the best. Good luck! -Rachel and Joel Z.

  4. Have fun at your class. It really is an invaluable experience. And it will all be worth it since it's for your little peanut!


  5. Rachel,

    I popped over here from Mama Belle's and I'm having such a good time browsing around your blog! I am so excited for you and the adoption journey that you are on...I know God is going to bless you with the perfect match. I am assuming from what you said in this post that you're from IN...I am from Indy originally and I still love to go back and visit.



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