Thursday, October 2, 2008

Favorite Things ~ Cute Bags

I haven't forgotten about sharing my favorite things! We've had some issues with our camera & computer, but we're back on track.

The first items up are bags. What makes a favorite bag in my mind? It definitely needs to have a fun style or print and be inexpensive & functional. Here are a few that I use weekly, if not daily, that fit the bill:

In an effort to become more "Green" I bought a few reusable bags from Trader Joe's (yet another one of my "loves") to use when I get groceries or make a Target run. I LOVE them because they are durable, they hold A LOT of items, and they are super cute. Plus, I usually get a discount at the checkout for using them (about 10 - 20 cents per bag which definitely adds up!). For Christmas last year, I got a few extra to use as "gift bags" filled with goodies.

I received the bag above for free last year during a promotion at a local grocery store. Its a Scout Bag that is too fun! I use it as a "catch all" to take here and work, church & Sunday School, or to run errands. It is very light weight and has a picture of a little doggie on it. Very cute!

The red "Asian inspired" purse is from lovely Target. The color is gorgeous and it makes me smile to know that it was $2.50 from the "1 Spot". What a steal!

So those are a few of my favorite bags. Since we're saving our $$, I think the next fun bag I'll be getting will be a diaper bag! I can't wait! Any suggestions??

Speaking of steals and saving $, check in soon for another of my favorite things....GOOD DEALS!


  1. Very cute bags!

    I'm not a bag person, but I need to find a few that I like... cause I always seem to have my arms full of stuff these days and I don't want to lose that all important toy or shoe!

    Don't keep us hanging too long... I love a good deal!

  2. When you're bored sometime- google Kalencom diaper bags. My mom just got me one for Ella. It is adorable- they make super fun prints and are really well made. She ended up finding the print I wanted at for about $15 cheaper than it was selling everywhere else.
    I had a graco diaper bag for Christian-hated it- not big enough and not cute. I had a Vera Bradley for Ian- cute and big- but fell apart quickly. The Kalencom rocks!



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