Saturday, October 11, 2008


We've been here in Indiana for about 2 months now (whoa, where has the time gone?) and everything that we brought along for the year has found a place in our great apartment.

Well, ALMOST everything. There is one closet that still remains untouched. I have no excuse.

I was telling Josh that it is a "Catch 22".....the unorganized closet is driving me CrAzY, BUT I just don't feel like going through it.

So, I've decided to use the blog as a little incentive....

Below is a picture of the dreaded closet. By the end of this weekend, I will post another picture. If the closet in still in disarray, I encourage you to RIDICULE me. DO NOT feel badly about it....that's what I deserve. If the closet is tidy and organized, I will be happy and feel free to shower me with compliments. ;0) Kidding.

Maybe this will even inspire YOU to tackle a project that's been staring you in the eye.

Alright....time to get at it!


  1. You can do it, you can do it, you can do it...

    Looking forward to seeing that organized closet!

  2. you are too funny.

    i also moved 2 mos ago and today we spent time getting things on the walls in a few rooms that were still naked and i sewed 1 more curtain panel. we're not quite done yet but we're getting there. :-)



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