Monday, October 6, 2008

I've been smiling...

since Saturday! I got to meet my FAVORITE author!

I've been reading books by Robin Jones Gunn since I was in elementary school. I first started reading the Christy Miller Series....books that follow Christy and her friends from their teenage years to college. Gunn is a Christian writer whose stories includes romance, adventure, fun, relationships, hardships, friendships, and Christian values.

I was reading her e-mail newsletter on Friday night and found out that she was going to be in Fort Wayne, IN at a Christian book store ~ about 1 and a half hours away from us! How could I NOT go? So Saturday afternoon I made the trip and was the very 1st person in line to meet her!! She spoke for about 25 minutes, answered questions, and then started signing books. Of course, my Scout bag was overflowing with all of the books I had brought with us to Indiana!! She was gracious enough to sign each of the copies....NOT just with her signature, but with a special message in each one! It was incredible to chat with her one-on-one, ask questions, laugh, and share my feelings about her books.

If you were wondering about my post on Saturday night....let me explain. Angela & Greta are such dear friends of mine. They, too, have always read Gunn's books and LOVE them! We grew up endlessly discussing them.
"What will happen with Todd & Christy? Which character are we most like? Will Robin write more books?" And so on and on and on. We even wrote Robin a letter (ok, we didn't mail it, but still) BEGGING her to write more about the characters we cared about so much! (She has with the College Years and Katie Weldon Series!) Gunn's books were a big part of our childhood. We STILL get excited when her new books come out. I love these girls!

I so wish Grets & Angela could've been with me to meet Robin! What a scene we would've made! I was giddy just by myself....the 3 of us together, oh my! I was thankful when Robin was more than happy to send a message to them! She truly is a sweet, beautiful, lovely, friendly, wanna-sit-down-and-chat-with-you lady. It is obvious that she takes the time to get to know people and loves to hear how her writing is enhancing people's lives.

Robin talking about her writing

Telling Robin about my love for her books
and about my fellow "peculiar treasures" ~ Ang & Greta

Signing my books

Isn't she great?!

Showing off all of my signed books!!

I think its pretty obvious from this post that I am thrilled! I would recommend checking out Robin's website, going on Amazon to order some of her books, or rent them from the Library. Go for it and see for yourself what all the excitement is about! ;-)

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  1. Amazing! What a wonderful day you must have had! I'm very glad that you got to do something so meaningful to you. She sounds like a remarkable lady.



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