Monday, October 20, 2008

My Latest Obsession

I'm all about Etsy these days.

If I let myself, I could spend hours just browsing all of the handmade crafty goodness. The baby clothes, the bags, the decorations, oh my! I have not bought anything yet, but will definitely purchase some adorable kiddo items after we receive the referral of our little one!

A new bloggy friend of mine, Rachel, just opened up an Etsy store ~ Shut the Front Door ~ That is SEW Cute. Go check it out!

Any other Etsy lovers? What have you purchased? Wanna share?


  1. Your friends Etsy site is fun. "Shut the front door." Hmm...

    I enjoy browsing Etsy too, but shouldn't buy anything right now. I thought about starting a store, and may once I relocate my Craft Room and work again.

  2. I have visited a couple of Etsy shops, but honestly I am trying not to let myself get hooked, because I know that it would be fatal for my pocketbook. :) There is SO much cute stuff out there. But I am heading over anyway to check out your friends' site....

  3. Awww....Rachel, thank you for the unexpected advertising!!! That was so sweet! I wish we had more in the store right now, but we are adding stuff slowly. Thanks again!!!

  4. Wow...I just spent Andy's entire nap time on that site...LOVE IT!!!


  5. Thanks for helping us get the word out! So kind of you! Enjoy browsing our (5 item) store-- more to come, we promise!!!!



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