Tuesday, November 18, 2008

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall....

....99 bottles of beer! Take one down, pass it around, 98 bottles of beer on the wall! 98 bottles....

Sing it with me friends!!


Alright, fine, don't sing it.

I bet that brought back some fond memories of long bus rides in 3rd grade on the way to museum field trips. Ugh. What were we thinking?

Anyway ~ Why the song??

It is in honor of my 99th post on the blog! Which means that tomorrow will be my 100th post!! Now that's something to celebrate!!

Alrighty, so be sure to check in tomorrow to find out just how I'll be celebrating such a milestone on this little blog of mine.

Oh, and I seriously want to know if any of you actually ever made it all the way to ZERO bottles of beer on the wall. Spill!


  1. never made it to the end of the song - made got to 83 bottles!!!

  2. Hey Rachel,
    Do you always blog in the wee hours of the morning? (Oh, I suppose you probably haven't gone to bed yet) Sorry, just catching up with your latest news...I'm at work. (3rd shift) I think I could get to 94 bottles, if I'm lucky....then I probably would switch to "This is the song that never ends....cause it goes on and on my friends...some people started singing it not knowing what it was, and they'll continue singing it forever just because this is the song that doesn't end, yes it goes on and on......" you get the point, right?

  3. This is Brittany Jahnke....jsut thought I'd clarify

  4. Brit, you crack me up! And no, I don't always blog in the "wee hours". I had already been to bed, couldn't sleep, so got up and got stuff done.
    I hope you're doing well!

  5. I'm too A.D.D. to get to the end. Why did the bus driver (or our parents, for that matter) let us sing about beer when we were that young? Really.

    Happy 99th blog entry!!!

  6. I'm with Brittany...I would sing that song ALL the time just to annoy people... I don't think I'm that annoying anymore!

    Can't wait to see you 100th post!

  7. I remember one particular ride in our Christian School bus singing this song. Our bus driver was one of those teachers that was so easy to pick on and he was FURIOUS with us! He felt very strongly that a Christian School should not be singing that song. Even today when I see him I want to start singing it all over again. :)

  8. Ha! Rachel, I laughed at your comment....I went to a little Christian school,too, and now that I look back, I'm surprised we didn't get scolded, as well!!! Or maybe we did and then "rebelled"!

  9. Hey Rach...it's 2:50am on 11/19...where's that 100th blog entry? pins and needles here.....

  10. I just stumbled upon your blog. My husband is a student pastor right now too. Finishing up soon. Best of luck to you with the adoption!



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