Friday, November 7, 2008

Fit Friday ~ Hot for the Holidays: Two Weeks In

Dear Chocolate,

I see you so often in the grocery store and at the gas station. Most of time, I do not invite you over to my home....instead, I give you a glance of longing OR simply act like I don't see you at all. Rude, I know.

And then a certain candy-crazed holiday rolled around and you found yourself sitting on my counter. Just like the kiddos, you came in costume. Dressed up as Snickers. Milky Way. Twix.

You were both a trick AND a treat. You tasted so yummy and because you were labeled "mini" you tricked me into eating quite a few of you.

I love you. Your smell. Your taste....

...but it is time for you to leave. I won't be inviting you over for a while. I'm trying to get
Hot for the Holidays. You're yumminess is standing in my way.

Don't be too upset if I act like I don't know you in the check out lane.

Unfortunately Yours,



I'm back for Fitness Friday, Week 2!

As you can tell from the letter above, I was a bit chocolate crazed over the weekend, but I am now back on track. :-)

I did ok with the workouts this time around.
* Ran outside 3x (about 2 miles each time)
* Did Pilates video 2x
* Used the free weights 2x
* Only did Interval training on treadmill 1x....need to do better on this next week!

I think this next week, I'll incorporate another fitness video. Still working on keeping up the H20 drinkin'.

So that's about it for me! Head on over to It's Almost Naptime! to find out how all of the other lovely ladies are doing.


  1. Right there with you on the chocolatey temptations this week! Not only were we immersed in Halloween goodies, but being one of the few in the country that was dissappointed in the election results, I may have used a piece or ten to drwon out my sorrows! Oh, well, the candy is now going into hiding and I WILL do better! Hope you have a great week!

  2. I am WAY impressed. You can have a little chocolate if you are working out so hard! But yes, now it is time to throw it in the trash. :)

  3. Your exercise routine totally makes me tired! You go girl! Great job and keep up the great work!

  4. Glad to see I wasn't the only one who gave in to the chocolatey temptations! Next week will be better! Looks like you did a great job with the exercise though. Good luck this next week!

  5. That was hilarious! And SO true! Thanks for a humerous break in my day-

  6. LOL!!! That post was hilarious.

    Good luck w/your healthy lifestyle survived Halloween, so you should be good to go...well, until Thanksgiving brings a whole new set of temptations :)


  7. You go girl!! That is an awesome letter to chocolate. Let him know I don't like him either....he needs to find some skinny chick who really needs him.

  8. You are my exercise hero - that's great!

    Your chocolate letter is classic - it truly is both a Trick and a Treat! Ha! Those stupid little mini ones...those are dangerous because they seem so small

  9. oh. i've been trying to ignore chocolate too.

    i never wanted it until i got gestational diabetes and couldn't have it!

  10. The Halloween candy was my nemesis over the weekend too! And way to go with ALL. THAT. EXERCISE. That is awesome.

  11. Oh the chocolate...I have a ton of "leftover" that keeps calling to me! You are keeping me inspired to do more exercise than just walking to the cupboard for another twix! Keep up the good work :)

  12. the chocolate is CRAZY this time of year!... just the holidays in general!... i thought i was a little more prepared for the holiday--to not go crazy, but didn't end up that way!....:) glad it's over!!

  13. Very cute letter. I know you are looking for new videos. I taped some "Cathe" from our Directv Fitness channel and really enjoy her. Simple warm-up and cool-down with a nice variety and motivating but not annoying talk. 45 minutes without the commercials.

  14. I'm a chocoholic as well.

    I loved your leter - very cute. And by the sound of it you had a great workout week. Keep it up!



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