Friday, November 14, 2008

Frumpy Fit Friday ~ Fantastic Favorite Foto Friday

That's a whole lot of alliteration!

3 words for Week 3:
I slacked off.

I could name off a few excuses, but I'll spare you. :)

This was my worst week so far. I did run outside twice (2 miles each), but didn't use the treadmill at all. I did the Pilates video 2x......I really enjoy it a lot. All the breathing and stretching and movements feel great and I can tell a difference in my body. I used free weights twice as well, but the sessions were short and not very focused.

I slacked off. My body isn't happy with me....I feel sluggish.

Next week WILL be better!

I'm hoping the other ladies left me in the dust this week! See their progress over at It's Almost Naptime!


And for Favorite Foto Friday: A look back.... our honeymoon in the Bahamas! It was warm, gorgeous, and I was in great shape. I'll probably never have the chance to go back to that island, but hopefully I can get my body back!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!!


  1. I had a rough week, too. I seem to be having a lot of those! Better luck this is getting harder as the holidays approach!

  2. It seems that it has been a bad week all around...but I have faith that we can all to better next week. I love the picture. That's some great inspiration...I would love to look that great too! Good luck next week!

  3. It didn't sound like you had that much of a rough week. You got in exercise which is a HUGE bonus! Hang in there!

  4. Ok, sounds like I'm in good company...bad week for me too. :)

    I am loving your honeymoon picture! But you look fatastic now as are one of those natural beauties!

  5. Look at your arms! It certainly doesn't get easier as we get older...ah well. We just have to work a little harder. Happy Friday!

  6. okay, let me get this straight.

    you ran outside twice, you did pilates Twice, you did weights TWICE.

    so, um, what does a NON-slacking week look like for you!?!

  7. hi there!
    your twice beat my none times to the gym! just couldn't make myself get out of bed... sunday starts a new week & hopefully i will do better then! :)

  8. Kerry,
    Ha! You crack me up! I didn't have a good week 'cause I usually try to do some exercise every day, but only did 3 times this week...and I didn't work very hard. I was just lazy the whole week. Hence, the slackin'!

  9. You are still doing really well with the exercise. Keep up the good work and I'll be checking on you!

  10. All the exercise sounds like a great week to me!

  11. I am glad to hear I wasn't the only slacker this week. But at least you got some exercise in! Your doing great! Good luck this next week!

  12. it doesn't sound to me like you had that bad of a week (mine was much worse as far as workouts go!) but i know what you mean about not being focused, etc. hang in there! i have the same mindset as you do--next week WILL be better!!!! you're doing great! and you look great in your honeymoon pic, and more importantly, you look SO happy!:)



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