Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A poll you don't have to register for

When we bring our little peanut home from Korea, we will do MANY things to promote attachment ~ including a lot of "baby wearing". There are many fantastic carrier options out there, but we have decided on the Ergo.

The one thing that I'm stuck on is the color. Both Josh and I will be using it, so any girlie colors are out. FYI: If it was just ME using it, I would so get a BabyHawk...the designs are so chic and fun!

What do you think?? Please take a sec and humor in the poll (Look to the right in the sidebar) whether we should get the black or camel!!!


I'm off to see the results of another vote......Dancing with the Stars!! Any other fans?


  1. That's awesome and looks really comfortable!

    I like DWTS, but haven't really watched it much this season.

  2. I voted for the black - goes with anything!

    I love DWTS. I don't get to watch every season, but this year I have been hooked since the beginning. Who is your fave? I am not sure who I think will win, but Warren Sapp always makes me smile...he is such a teddy bear and he has fun with it.

  3. I voted black too.

    You will have to be sure to keep us informed about how you like it when you get to use it.

    I scored an original hip hammock in a Noah's Ark print, but I'm waiting to see how big our little one is when we get the referral... I may need a front carrier too.

  4. Rach-
    I changed my vote from camel to black when Mike commented that the camel would show dirt quickly. By the way...what is this and where does to baby go?!?

  5. Jan, you crack me up! I added a new picture to the post that shows just how the carrier works!
    That Mike is always thinking :)...good point about the dirt showing!

  6. My vote is black. Love the ergo....almost got one too.

    My bedding is from JC Penney. com....crazy, huh? It is actually a boutique brand "My baby Sam" that I had seen at a baby boutique and then they started carrying it at penneys....lucky day!

    God bless!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Rach-
    Thanks for the clarification, us old folks need help in that area. We didn't have all these fun gadgets 20 years ago. Very Cool!

  9. I have to disagree, I think the camel would be easier to keep clean than the black:) Camel also goes with anything!

  10. We LOVE our Ergo!! I rave about it to EVERYONE that seems even partially interested, haha. It is such a versatile carrier that will last so much longer than a lot of other carriers out there.

    We personally have the dark red, which Andrew doesn't mind wearing. But between the camel and the black I would go with black - it will hide dirt better :)



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