Wednesday, November 12, 2008

When Birds Attack

So, I was in the Super Wal-mart this evening getting some groceries. The last 2 times I have been in there, there have been BIRDS flying around the dairy isle. Crazy, I know. They have no business in there.

As I revealed to you before, I am afraid of birds.....especially if they are inside, which obviously is NOT supposed to happen.

Knowing that the birds could still be flappin' around today, I cautiously approached the dairy sec
tion. All the while, my eyes were darting this way to that way checking for the birds. When I thought all was o.k., I went on to get some milk and cottage cheese. Then...


a bird came flying down this close to me!!! I let out a yell and ducked down. At least 5 people turned to stare at me and then went on completely unnerved by the bird.

Huh. I think the little devil could sense my fear. Why else would I be the target of the attack?

On a much happier note...I love Honey Nut Cheerios, but I Do NOT love the price. I just about jumped for joy when I found these yummy little "spins" for only $1.86 (17 oz.)!!!!!!

Just be safe the next time you're in the dairy section, my friends.


  1. AHHHH!!!! I'd be freaking. out. Glad you stayed safe!

  2. Oh you poor thing...that's just yucky!!!!

  3. too funny! i would've screamed too!

  4. Crazy birds! Wow!!!!! I'm glad you're (mostly) OK!

  5. Birds just do not belong in stores! Our Home Depot is like that... I hate spending lots of time in there.

    I'm glad to see you survived the attack!

  6. OH!!! That's too funny!

    I've seen birds in Walmart more than once, myself.

    What's with that?!?

  7. Birds have no business in Walmart - that would have totally freaked me out too. :)

    The name "Honey Nut Spins" made me laugh. Do they taste the same?

  8. I had missed your post about the baby carrier. I saw the poll & voted yesterday but saw that I was Camel which I voted for was far behind. I wanted to explain myself. Camel would cover spit up better; Black would cover dirt better. I am not sure how old your baby will be when you get them but if spit-up would be an issue I would totally go Camel. If they will be big enough not to spit then probably the black.

    Hope I am not too late. :)

  9. Wow - birds in the dairy section. That's a new one! :)

    Hooray for Great Value bargains!

  10. LOL!

    I think birds do sense fear...I'm not a big fan myself and last time I was at the zoo one swooped down and literally took a pretzel right out of my hand.




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