Saturday, November 8, 2008

Winter is Coming....

You know how I know?

Nope, there isn't snow on the ground - yet.

I know because not only is my nose freezing, I am also wearing these:

Fabulous, I know.

Since I'm already dressed in warm & comfy clothes, I will be cozying up right here:

And because I am flying solo tonight (Saturday nights will never be the same as long as they are sermons to memorize), I'll be watching this movie:

Welcome back COLD. It seems like you never left.

Anyone else putting on flannel and watching movies tonight? Tell me I'm not the only one!


  1. I'd like to say I'm joining in on the fun... but alas not. I'm giving DS a bath for church tomorrow. DH is finishing installing a ceiling fan in DS's room. Then it's off to bed so we can get up early to get to church on time. Enjoy your movie and snuggling up on the couch... it sounds like fun!!!

  2. I've been wearing the comfy socks too these days!

    Mine have polar bears on them.

  3. I won't be joining you. It's still 80 degrees here. BOOOOO

    But, I keep seeing Little Women...guess I'm going to need to netflix that one!!!

  4. You just described my PERFECT evening. Cozy jammies, girly movie, comfy couch. It doesn't get any better than that. I am loving these cooler temps that require me to curl up on the couch with a fluffy blanket.

  5. OHHHH! Sounds like a wonderful evening!! :) Love the socks girl!!

  6. I think I have the same socks but in red!

    We have had our first snowfall today. Nothing is sticking to the ground yet but if this keeps up I am sure it will tomorrow!

    Hope you enjoyed your movie!

  7. That is my favorite movie EVER! I just watched it the other day but now I feel the urge to see it again :) Hope you enjoyed it!



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