Monday, December 1, 2008

Dare to Wear

The Lovely Mama Belle's Dare to Wear challenge is finally here!

As I was carefully contemplating how I was going to meet this challenge, I decided to look back to the '80s and '90s for a little inspiration.

You will see from the pictures below that I had a flair for fashion. I followed the trends, created some of my own, and now live to tell about it. Here's the proof.

My love of cute purses (and all other accessories) stared young.

Shall I try out the crimped hair look again?

No, I think the
extremely short ruffled dress look is much better. Thanks Mom. :-)

Leg warmers are back in style, but what about leotards? I think I'll pass.

Ah, the "half-up-side-ponytail". Nice.

Perm. Big bangs. Throw on a blue blazer. With a lapel pin. Classic.

Obviously, as a young child I was very daring with my clothing, hair, and accessories. I lost that admirable part of me a bit along the way.

I'm trying to get it back. But just tone it down a bit. ;-)

The 1st outfit is not my Dare to Wear outfit, but wanted to share because its a bit on the daring side for me. I have about 5 black dresses, so the one below was very out of the box! A few Sundays ago, I wore it to church and then to work...and got tons of compliments on it....

Ok, so here is the outfit for today. I have NEVER worn leggings before. I kept hearing about how cute and comfortable they I'm trying them out today with a fun dress. Let me tell you. They are very comfy. I love them!

Alrighty, now you need to check in at Mama Belle's to get inspired by all of the other fashionable ladies!

Happy Monday!


  1. YAY! Leggings rock! :)

    I LOVE your other dress too. It's no wonder you got lots of compliment when you wore it. Paired with those boots - so stinkin cute! :)

  2. You are gogeous lady!

    Love them! Now if you could just get a crimper again... ;)

  3. You were definitely born with good fashion sense from what I can see in these pictures.

    Love the dress and the leggings!

    Thanks for participating.

  4. Cute dresses and I like the leggings. They look good on you.

  5. Oh my goodnes those pictures were fun! I did a post awhile back about bad school pictures. It is so weird to see what I thought was "cool"
    You look FAB-u-lous!
    I tell ya, all you gals with your leggings are really making me think I need a pair...

  6. Hi there. Visiting from Mama Belle's blog today.

    You look great in your Dare To Wear OufitS!!

  7. SO CUTE!!! Love the leggings! :)

  8. love the tall boots & the leggings...looks like you can wear anything and look cute!

  9. i tried on leggings this weekend but didn't buy them... should have! it looks SUPER cute on you... i think anything would!

  10. I'm loving that dress over those leggings, I have been looking for some new dresses to go over my leggings, where did you get yours??

  11. the leggings are sooo cute, but how would they look on a almost 50 year old?! :)

  12. That is such a cute look on you. And I love those shoes. All of your fashion trends brought back some fun memories.

  13. dress is actually from Wal-mart, if you can believe it! It was only $12, too. I love a good deal. ;-)

  14. Ok, so I am FINALLY getting caught up and just read 6 missed posts from you! :) You are rockin' the leggings, girl - you look amazing!

    I've missed your writing and sense of humor - it's nice to get away for a little trip but so hard to catch up! Have a great weekend...



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