Monday, December 29, 2008

Good Mornin'!

I'm back....and not without a picture.

Today is Show Off Your Bedhead Day hosted by Sara@Butterville!

Now, I rarely - if ever - head out of the house without makeup or brushing my hair...but I figure I have already shared so much with y'all, I might as well let you get a taste of what my "bear like" self looks like after a night of slumber.

Good mornin'!

Yes, that is a facial mask covering my skin.
Yes, it is a very patchy mask because I used the last bit from the tiny bottle.
No, I do not wear one every night....only when I have something special the following day. Obviously this Carnival qualifies.
Fabulous, I know.

Man, is Josh is one lucky dog or what? I have no doubt that the lyrics of this song are the first thoughts to pop into his head each morning...

For sure he must of hummed it to himself this fine morning....after all, it is the 5th anniversary of the day he asked me to marry him. (More on that in a later post!)

Ok, hop on over to Sara's to see some more Bedhead. Leave a comment on her blog letting her know whose Bedhead pic you enjoyed the most....

Winner gets a Starbucks giftcard! Hint, hint.

In other news....Christmas was fantastic! I absolutely cannot wait to share about it tomorrow! Linda@2ndCup is hosting I See What You're Saying Christmas instead of writing my thoughts tomorrow, I am going to post a little video of me actually talking.

My 1st "vlog". Good stuff. Stay tuned.


  1. Not bad at all...sorry, but there's no way you will win looking that beautiful without any work. :)

  2. I agree...not bad at all!! I looked pretty close and couldn't see any remnants of a mask!!!

    We should get a lot of smiles today, I think it will be hard to pic a winner!!

  3. You are so sweet to give me a shout out for tomorrow! I'm really excited to see and hear you. I have to agree with the other two, that your bedhead is a little glamorous compared to the "others." That's the price of natural beauty, you know. Sometimes you win a Starbucks card, and sometimes you don't because you're just too cute. Ha.

  4. You are still cute! I will not be joining in today BUT I will be doing the first portion of my Vlog (as you put it) tomorrow Bed Head. You will see just how unruly short hair can be in the am.

    Can't wait to "SEE" how your Christmas was!

  5. You look SO cute! I'm serious, it's like we all ahd a slumber party and are waking up and seeing each other, no make-up, just us.
    I bet if you turned off your humidifier you'd have some AWESOME staticy hair! I just got the giggles thinking about that. Don't you feel like a 12 year-old again? I sure do.

  6. Crack me up...I thought the same thing about my poor husband :)

    You're beautiful, inside and out :)

  7. thank you for making me smile at the simple things today :) .

  8. Rachel, I enjoy checking your blog because you always have something fun to read DO NOT have bedhead...looks too good for that......jill

  9. I look like that...except mine is after a full day of taking care of the boys and often includes a random cheerio or two stuck in my hair :) Before you know it, you'll be posting a pick of your "mom" hair!

  10. great pics! love your blog, found you while blog-hopping!



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