Monday, December 8, 2008

Mr. In His Hands

Enough about me, I think that it's due time I turn my attention to my better half ...

First of all, Josh is pretty amazing

He is 26 years old

His birthday is New Year's Eve

He makes up words like "droggy " (combo of drowsy & groggy) all the time thinking that they are correct

He will be the most incredible dad

He reads Hebrew & Greek on a daily basis.....pastors need to know their stuff

He lived with his best friend, Luther, for 8 years...yes, you read that correctly. They were roommates for 3 years in high school (dorm school), 4 years in college, and rented a house together for one year before we were married

He loves motorcycles....and gave his up after we were married

He is one of the most dedicated people I know

He is selfless

He loves Rocky

He cannot match clothes...even after I have showed him over and OVER what goes together

He can chat with anyone

He drinks his coffee black

He talks about our baby every day

He loves Bon Jovi

He loves hot tamales candy

He's made many mistakes and is the first to point them out

He sings his heart out in both church and the car

He considers food to be a top priority each day

He is extremely easy going

He is friends with everyone

He is an excellent carpenter

He does everything 100%

He HATES being alone

He bought a hand-me-down ping pong table & pool table for the teen room at church and someone comes in every day to play with him

He laughs a lot

He will watch chick flicks with me sometimes

The Notebook and How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days get a thumbs up

He was voted best smile in his
high school yearbook....I completely agree

He has read more books in the last 3 years than he has in his entire lifetime by far

He truly goes out of his way to make me feel special

He calls me "just because"

He worries about me if I don't answer

He watches Sports Center every single morning

He sets at least 4 alarms every night

He loves me

He loves the Lord much much more

So that's my Josh in a nutshell...

What makes your better half unique??


  1. He sounds really sweet. My son's brithday is Jan. 1. Curious did having his birthday on Dec. 31 make it more or less fun? (Now more or less fun?) I think it would ROCK! You'd HAVE to have a party every year.
    That was SO kind of you to write about him today. It's fun to honor those we love on our blogs! :) I certainly like reading these kinds.

  2. Hello Mr. In His Hands. Nice to meet you!

  3. How sepcial!! I love it when I hear wives saying uplifting things about their husbands. This was really refreshing. :) He sounds wonderful Rachel. The two of you sure do make an awesome couple!

    I love that he makes up words. :)

  4. This was really cool! You make me want to do this about my hubs. Maybe on our anniversary... it's coming up in a few months. :)

  5. Sara,
    Josh LOVES having his birthday on New Year's...there's always a party.:-)

  6. Wow! what a guy! What a husband!

    There are some major similarities to my guy...except my hubs is not a great carpenter...he tries and does a good job. my bro & my dad are pros though. ;-)

    black coffee...if it's good, it needs to be black! :-)

    i wish the 4 of us coudl go on a double date!

  7. What a GREAT list!! Sounds like you are really blessed to have him!

  8. That was so sweet - I can tell how much you love him. Like someone else said in her comment, it is so refreshing to hear a wife say positive things about her husband. So often it seems people only want to talk about the bad stuff.


  9. hi rachel, i'm a little behind in blogville... just catching up here. i LOVE this post about josh. it's wonderful. he sounds wonderful. :)

  10. I'm behind, too but this is so sweet, especially that he talks about the baby every day. You make a beautiful couple.

  11. this is a really nice post... i need to do something like this. thanks for the idea!



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