Friday, December 12, 2008

Not your typical St. Nick

****The Santa believing young-ins should now cover their eyes ;-) ****

This week at the Library we had a Christmas story time in the Children's department. All of the kids were invited to come, wear their pajamas, hear fun stories, do crafts, etc. Oh, what fun!

When I started working there in September, the ladies in my department were already talking about this story time. Do you think I was told about the fun books? Cute finger plays? Silly songs? Treats to serve?


All I kept hearing about was how gorgeous our Library Santa is. I believe the words "Hottie Tottie Santa" were used on multiple occasions. Yes, you read that correctly.

I, too, was very skeptical. I's Santa!

Most people picture him as a jolly old man with big belly and white puffy beard...

Apparently our Library likes their Santa to be much more eye appealing. Oh sure, our Santa still wears the suit and says "Ho Ho Ho", but underneath that beard he looks like a slightly older version of this guy...

Josh Holloway

No joke. I think my jaw fell open when I saw him.

No wonder the ladies at work talk about him all year round.

How did we get such a Santa, you ask? He actually is the
very young father of one of my co-workers. But honestly, they look like siblings.

So not only did I get to be a pajama wearing elf and have a blast with 40 kiddos, I also got to finally meet the ever talked about jolly old young & handsome Library Santa.

I love my job.


  1. PJ's and Hot Santas at the Library!!!!! Man do I have the wrong job!!! ;) Sounds like fun! Oh, and the kitchn timer thing from your other post I must try! What a great idea!

  2. thanks for a good laugh this morning!

  3. Hmm... maybe I should check and see if Santa has an appointment at our library... just in case ;)

  4. You totally should have gotten pictures! That is very hard to imagine! Not to mention I would have loved to see the pj wearing elf! ;)

  5. Lol!! That is so hilarious! And you can believe if I had seen a Saywer-lookalike Santa, my mouth would have ddrrroooppppppeeeddd!

  6. S.H.U.T. U.P!
    That picture of Josh, so hot. It's ok I can admire God's beauty...
    Where can I get me a job like that? How about next year, I'll fill in for you because well, with the baby you're hands willl be full and my kiddos can come and "help" you. or they can come and watch mommy give Santa HER list! Aha ha ha ha;)

  7. That's hilarious Rachel! :) Too much fun you are having... :)

  8. I might have gone to the library more often had there been a hot santa!!

  9. You truly can't put a dollar value on some job perks :)


  10. hopefully you got a good picture with him!



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