Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Oh, you shouldn't have!

My fantastic online friend Kelly passed on a blog award to me! How sweet is that?! My 1st blog award....

I need to write about 6 things that make me happy and then pass the award on to someone else. Here goes...

1. My ipod...what did I do before it?

2. Cute flats...I can proudly say these are all from the clearance rack

3. My husband's smile...

4. Peanut Butter....so good.

5. Looking through old pictures....I recently came across this one of my mom with us kiddos on the swings at Storybook Island during a family vacation...

6. Spending time with my amazing family & friends...that definitely makes me smile!

I wish I could give this award to all of you.....but I'll follow the rules and choose just one. ;-) I pass this Kreative blog award on to the lovely Jennifer. She is a fantastic mom of 2. She is super crafty and is sweet enough to share her ideas with us lesser folk. She makes me laugh. Hard. She just is a wonderful Christian lady.

Thanks again, Kelly! Please keep Kelly & her husband Chris in your prayers as they patiently wait to bring home their sweet daughter Briar from Korea! They are getting very close!


  1. Congrats!

    Writhing in jealousy over your shoe collection! :)

  2. OH! You are soooo sweet!

    xoxo to you!

  3. This was so much fun to read - I love getting to know you better - but my favorite part was that all of those shoes were off a clearance rack!! Yay! You are my kind of shopper. They are all so cute. :)

  4. Whoa! Storybook island! I totally know where that is! My BFF's inlaws live just outside Rapid city and we went to Storybook island when we were all in SD for the 4th of July last year! That is so random that we've both been there!

  5. i liked reading this & other blogs where i get to know the person a little bit better :) AWESOME find on all those flats... my kind of shopping!!!



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