Thursday, December 4, 2008

Random Thoughts this Thursday Morning

*At the evening Advent church service last night, Josh sat with me in the pew!! Whoa! Its been months since we've sat together...with him leading the church services and all. It was really wonderful.

*Is anyone else already suffering from the dry skin that comes with winter?? Ugh. It's seriously driving me nutso. Thank goodness for Olay.

*I held and cuddled a very precious 3 month-old baby girl the other night. She was the daughter of a friend of my co-worker at the Library. Yes, I held a stranger's baby. And it was wonderful. So wonderful in fact, that I almost burst into tears. It made my heart & arms ache for our own little one.

*Speaking of our baby, I had a very vivid dream last week about getting our referral call. In the dream, our Social Worker kept calling and saying
"I have big news for you!", but would keep hanging up without sharing the baby's name or info or promising to send a picture! I woke up with a pounding heart. I'm praying that our actual referral call provides much more info. ;-)

*Now that the Christmas season is in full gear and because I'm having a love affair with all of the fantastic Christmas music....I'm going to share a song (or 2) each day on the blog. I'll kick it off with my favorite voice....

Enjoy the day......


  1. i get to sit with my husband on sunday's but i miss us driving together since he has to be at the early service. so that means i have to get myself & the 2 boys dressed. most sunday mornings i get to church still happy but i have my share of bad mornings!!!

    i am praying with you that you get a phone call real soon... remember in God's PERFECT timing. He knows!

  2. I very rarely get my husband to sit with me at church, so it is a treat when he does!!!

    oh my, dry skin!!! As soon as the heaters kick on, I am miserable!!!! feeling your pain!

  3. Oh the joys of sitting by your husband at church! Mine runs sound and I am on Praise Team so our sitting togeather is few and far between too. It is so nice when it works out.

  4. you sweet girl. i love your honesty and energy. i had a difficult time being real with my emotions in front of people when i was trying to get pregnant and being diagnosed infertile then awaiting treatment...etc. it was not easy for me to just let others see the pain that i was really going thru...the ache. i commend you for being open. i can't wait to hear that you get your referral call...i know God's hand is in it.

    i LOVE LOVE josh groban too!

  5. Love Josh Groban! I'm new. Just getting to know you. You know what's good about dry skin? There are places, (the back) that I can't reach, so it's a GREAT way to get a back rub! "Honey I'm ichy and dry can you put some lotion on me?" ;)

  6. your arms and your heart are SO READY!!! that referral can honestly come any day! i'm so excited for you. you're going to be such a loving mama.

  7. Oh, I LOVE Josh Groban!

    Good luck with your adoption journey!



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