Thursday, December 11, 2008

This is the post when you realize....

....that I'm kind of pathetic OR maybe you'll just relate to me a little more. I'm hoping for the later.

The fantastic Sara@Butterville gave me a blog award...

Thanks Sara! Now I need to share 10 truly honest things about myself.....and not just that I love cappuccino or enjoy watching movies. ;-)

1. I am just plain awful at remembering a person's name when I first meet them. I've even tried repeating the name after s/he tells me....and I often will still forget. Almost instantly. I'm working on it. Anyone have any tricks?

2. Up until this year, I rarely, if ever did Josh's laundry. Gasp! What?! Working 55+ hours a week left me with little time or energy for his laundry. Since I've been working part time, I now wash & dry & iron & organize all of his clothes. And you know what....he completely appreciates it 'cause he knows how much of a pain it is.

3. In the case of a fire, I have very briefly thought of how I could save all of my clothes & shoes (after of course, making sure Josh is safe ;-) from the flames. Possibly running around like a mad woman throwing armfuls out the window?

4. I have a hard time staying on task so I often resort to using one of these handy little devices:

It's like a little game I play with myself. Beat the timer. Hey, works for me.

5. As a child/teenager I never was grounded or served a detention. I was a true blue "good girl". I think it helped that I had an fantastic group of friends.

6. I am super sensitive. Always have been. I care (probably too much) of what people think of me. I don't do well with confrontation or criticism, etc. As a pastor's wife, I will most likely need to get over that. ;-)

7. I cannot wait to be a MOM. Oh, wait, you already knew that!

8. I'm always running late. In sending cards, in getting back to people, in meeting with people. I completely dislike that about myself. I am working on it.

9. Sara said that this post of mine from yesterday was very I'm adding it to the list!

10. Your responses of encouragement from that post made me cry. You are amazing! Honestly....I am so thankful for you all.
Then yesterday, I watched The Christmas Shoes. You guessed it - more tears. Not just crying, but multiple high pitched "Ooooooohhhhhhhhh"s were thrown in there too. Yes, it was quite the cry fest yesterday. And you know felt great. I needed it.

I am now supposed to pass this Honest Award to 10 people....but I'm only going to pass it along to 4 blog friends. I'm confident these great ladies will share honestly:

Rachel@Musings of a Future Pastor's Wife

Suzanne@Happy Chaos

Tracie@Coffe with the Crain's

Elizabeth@The Mommy....etc (Who, by the way, is hosting a book giveaway...check it out!)

I'll wrap up this post with a song that makes me smile....


  1. Aww, thank you!!! I love your blog so much! :)

  2. Thanks!

    I have already posted ENTIRELY too much today.

    So I will save this for my Friday post!!

    Have a super Thursday!

  3. What a great list! The saving the clothes in the fire scenerio made my day :)

    Congratulations on your award. I always look forward to reading and am so happy to be along for the ride (in a tiny little way) as you wait for your beautiful baby!

  4. That is the cutest song...WAY better then the two front teeth one...but not as funny as Something in my brothers under pants. (our new family Christmas classic)
    You had me at # 3 trying to figure out how to "save the wears!" Last spring and tornado hit where there were NO made me think, sometimes you only have I bought some rubbermaid bins and store ALL my scrapbooks and photos and special momentos in them in the room we use for Tornado warnings, it's also on the lower floor so IF there were A fire I could bust the window and snatch them out of the room. I SO get it.
    Then I have to say I am totally impressed that you iron! I gave this up when I was 17 and burnt my favorite shirt. I only buy things that need no ironing or Hubby graciously does it for me when I beg and plead. He likes it and is good at it. His Mama taught him well, and she'll be the one to teach My kids too.
    Thanks for doing this, I learned a lot. do you REALLY set a timer?
    After I'm done laughing, I may just need to try it. I'm laughing because we use it to make Nick go potty on the potty...times up you need to go sit on the potty. Can't argue with timer.
    Word verif: spinba

  5. congrats on another blog award!!!

    i love reading your blog everyday - glad we are blogging friends!

  6. the timer is a GREAT tip! And as far as #6, yep, you are going to have to work on that!!! :) It took me a while!

  7. thanks for tagging me! sounds like a fun post...I'll do it either friday or early next week. :-)

    and great on you for posting my giveaway...which, unfortunately, is a bit of a flop. boo-hoo

  8. Thank you for the award! As soon as I get some free time (LOL) I will post my "honest list"- I promise! :)



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