Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ask Away!

Before Josh and I started this journey, we honestly didn't know too much about the adoption process. In the beginning we did a lot of researching and reading....and we have and will continue to learn more and more.

SO many of you have expressed interest in our adoption, which I am so thankful for! It shows how excited and interested and supportive
you are.

I decided to open up this post to ANY questions or comments you might have about our adoption journey. For example, one we get most frequently is Why Korea?

Another one I've been asked multiple times recently is what this says....

It is Family in Korean Hangul. I purchased it from Robin's Nest.

Feel free to ask questions about Korea, the homestudy, the timeline, attachment, the "wait", being a multicultural family, our future "plans", our feelings, our fears, and so on.

If you'd prefer to e-mail me: blessedbyhishand at

I pray that by answering your questions, I can give you a bit of insight into adoption. That you, like us, will become educated about the process. That you will better understand the way the Lord is growing our family. That you will see that there are both tremendous blessings, but also many losses. That you will get to know me better!

After all, I consider so many of you to be my dear friends. And friends need to know this stuff! ;-)

Or if you just want to ask how I can be so fabulous. I will answer that, too. ;-) Ha!

I'll go through your questions and do my best to answer them in a later post.

Ask away!

Or if you don't have a least say "hi"! :-)


  1. Great you answered my question!!! I want to go order one now. I have the perfect place to put it.


  2. Rachel,

    I'd love to hear how you and Josh decided to adopt from Korea. I always love to hear people's personal adoption stories.

    Questions we get from people (that others may be fearful of asking in case they offend you):

    1. Do you ever want to have one of your own?/Do you think now that you are not stressed about getting pregnant it will happen?
    *My answer - my kids are my "own". I don't feel that I've missed out on anything by not having a biological child. As far as getting pregnant, I still have medical issues that make that pretty much impossible, but if it did happen I would consider it a blessing.

    2. Aren't you worried he will want to be w/his real/birth parents?
    *My Answer: We are his real parents. If he wants to meet his birth parents, we respect that & will help in any way we can. We feel that just as we can love more than 1 child, our children can love both their birth parents & us.


    PS. I included my answers b/c I wouldn't suggest questions for you I wouldn't answer myself!

  3. Do they give you an approximate time frame on how long the wait will be?

    Curious...because I hate waiting...

  4. I have a question...Are you and Josh planning on traveling to Korea to pick up Baby O?

  5. I've been wondering why "Baby O"? I figured it probably has to do w/ your last name's initial or something, but why not ask? :)

  6. Oh, I have some questions...

    How are you planning on decorating Baby O's room?

    Cloth or disposable?

    Have you selected a carrier yet?

  7. Rachel,
    HOW did you become SO fabulous???!!! I have been wondering that for a while now and am so glad to have the opportunity to learn your secret. :)
    Do you have a preferance of weather you have a son or a daughter? Will you choose, or ???? I guess I am pretty ignorant about the whole process, like what you are waiting for. A baby to be available?

  8. well, I don't have any questions on your adoption. mainly because I have 4 really great friends that have adopted and have walked with them through the process. But I am so excited for you guys!!!

    but I would like to know how you got to be so fabulous!!! It must be that great family you come from or possibly your love of christ that shines through even in your blog!!!

  9. I have so many questions about adoption in general because I know so little about it. But as far as a question for you, I wonder if it is important to you to adopt from Korea again? Would you be interested in adopting from other countries as well? And, what was the very first step you took on your journey to adoption, besides praying about it together? We've considered adoption but have no idea where to begin.

  10. i don't have any questions either :) but i am going to buy the korean "family" wall hanging too! thanks for posting the web page!

    btw great post idea!

  11. Hi you,

    Both birth and adoption mean bringing a whole new person into the mix. Sometimes I wonder how adoptive families feel about other people's perceptions of how they're handling that. I mean, if I would have complained about the stress and strain of having a new baby after our two boys were born, people would just accept that as normal. But if you (or any other adoptive parent) would be open about fears and fatigue, etc... people might have a different reaction. What do you think about that? Is it fair?

    I don't think so, but I just wonder what you think...

    I hope this made sense. It's the end of a long day and I may be totally fumbling here. I hope not. :)

  12. I just re-read my comment/question and wanted you to know I do realize the baby isn't here yet. I was just saying hypothetically. NOT that you're going to be negative at all about your baby. It's just inevitable that it's an adjustment and do you ever wonder how people will receive it if you have concerns or heartaches? that's what I meant. I'm sorry I can't make myself clear :)

  13. I had a lot of questions about adoption when I first started reading your blog, and you are so patient and detailed, though, that you've answered almost all!

    I do have a very personal question, though, and if you would rather not answer, I promise it's okay. =) it really expensive to adopt? That's like my biggest worry and it makes no sense to me. I mean, you've got these kids who need good families, so why make the parents pay so much???

  14. Hi Rachel,
    I would love to know more about the journey that led you and Josh to adoption. Also what's your biggest fear about adopting? I have thought about it in the past, but I am always fearful that perhaps our adopted child would feel resentful for not being brought up in their own country. I don't know if that is totally irrational or not. Of course any child can grow to resent their parents for a ton of reasons, I guess that is just a big fear of mine in general. I really want my kids to love and appreciate me.

  15. i love Q&A time!!!! Especially b/c your story is so interesting!

    My first question...

    1-will you keep the child's korean name or name the child something "american" or of your own choice...or use a name that sounds like their korean name? I have friends w/ a chinese daughter and they named her "jenni" b/c it sounds a lot like her chinese name...that's why I ask. :-)

    2-what org are you going through? are you going to be able to apply for grants? while adoption is far away from us right now...someday it may be our reality also and we are interested in korea as well. :-)

    3-i am not sure how sensitive this is but since you know my infertility story to a degree i thought i'd venture to ask why you & josh are adopting isntead of having biological children. is it an infertility challenge? perhaps one you can't share if so...totally understand...but it is something that i've often thought about.

    you are an amazing woman and i always enjoy hopping over here and checking out your latest! please keep up the faithful cheerful writing!

  16. I have to agree with one of the commentors that you've done a really good job explaining things along the way, in a very clear, inderstandable way.

    I have the Why Korea question and I also wonder if you had known anyone personally who adopted before you came to this decision.

    And yes, how ARE you so fabulous?? God's love clearly shines through you.

  17. Hopefully the Why Korea questions covers why international v. domestic.



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