Tuesday, January 6, 2009


A summary of my evening last night:

Ok, I admit it. I watch The Bachelor.

The first episode of every season can always be described (at least in my mind) with one word:


The awkwardness begins when the ladies get out of the limo one-by-one....

The uncomfortable hugs. The small talk. The weird questions. The silly comments the women make. Yikes.

As the show goes on, the women start fighting for the precious "one-on-one time" with the Bachelor. Oh my.

There are Stalkers. A woman who resigned from her job for the show. Weird poems. Freaky "vision boards". Bad dancing. Hot dog topping theories. Cattiness.

I seriously spent half the show peering through my fingers. The awkward moments were in abundance and yet I peeked on. It was like a train wreck I couldn't turn away from.

Why have I kept watching season after season? It's simple.

I know that eventually the awkward moments will begin to end. The BIG crazies will be sent home without a rose. A few lovely & genuine gems will emerge and I will cheer them on...hoping that they are the ones left holding THE rose.

Plus, who I am kidding? The Bachelor is usually pretty good lookin'. ;-)

Oh, and did ya'll see the part about DeAnna - the ex-Bachelorette? Whoa. Drama.

Hmm. When I sat down to write on the blog this morning, I didn't think I would spend 20 minutes typing out a post about an awkward reality TV show episode.

I'll be back tomorrow with thoughts that are more worth while. Well, hopefully.

Oh, and BIG thanks for your prayers and uplifting thoughts from yesterday....I was SO right about you all having my back.

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  1. Hilarious post! I was literally shouting "awkward" out loud as I was watching. I haven't watched the Bachelor in a few seasons but I got sucked in last night. Looks like a doozy of a season.

  2. RACH! This totally ROCKS! I can't wait to check it all out(I am at work and need to do some!). What a wonderful legacy to give to the wonderful little gift from God...created JUST FOR THE TWO OF YOU!!
    Much love and God's blessings!

  3. And here I thought I was the only blogger in my circle to love this show! Ok, I loved the "vision boards" girl...she SO needs to wake from dream land and spend more time DOING then VISIONING! Oh, bless her she needs a bible.
    I have watched the show form the be...gining. Every one. For some reason I can't think of the first guys name...but I can see his smarmy face...and from that came Trista...sweet sweet Trista/Ryan and now Max. AWE! That's why I watch the awfulness! I want the HAPPY ENDING! (And yes, many many of the Bachelors are good looking.)
    But this year, this guy Jason! I SO want him to find his true love! I can't say I could find her in that train wreck, but there were glimmers of a few gems. I'll rack it up to nerves last night. CAN YOU BELIEVE that about DeAnna. Oh, I sware I'll be screaming at the TV when she's on. That girl had her chance and she BL---LEW it. Frankly I have no idea how or why she picked Jesse. I feel so bad for him now...but HOW how could she, knowing she wasn't picking Jason, let the guy get down on his knee. AND THEN let him pour out his heart. She was evil there...just evil. If the producers said let him do it let him do it. I would have stood my ground and said "Hey, I'm not going to humiliate this sweet guy. IT's bad enough I have to break-up with him."
    Yes, I'm still bitter. But hopefully he's got someone better suited for him in this bunch.
    What was he thinking picking girl who quick her job...she's um, not his type...(That was me working really hard to be nice.)
    Did I mention this show brings out the not so loving and merciful me?
    I can't HELP it. I just want Prince to meet Cinderella and watch them fall in love...if there are a few train wrecks along the way well...sure I'll watch it.
    Oh, thank you for being a fan on this...I was begining to think it was going to have to be hubby, and HE mocks everyone on the show! Even the host, especially when he says "It's the MOST romantic season ever..."

  4. HAHA!I agree with everything! It is so awkward but so addicting!!

  5. Ok, it's confirmed - we were destined to be bloggy friends. I am so addicted to this utterly ridiculous, AWKWARD show...and I don't even know why, because really, they're all the same and they seldom work out, and I know so much of it is scripted anyway. Last night made me laugh so much at all of the craziness that happened. I LOVE it when they all come tripping up to him outside as they get out of the limo and say their little speech, and try to linger, and then he always says, "We'll talk more inside, K?" and tries to get them off of him. And he has to be all sweet and kind when you KNOW he has to be thinking that some of them are absolute psychos. Ha! And it never fails to crack me up when Chris comes and says so solemnly, "Ladies - this is the final rose", and then with a dramatic gesture to the Bachelor, he intones, "When you're ready." Just thinking about it makes me laugh. Thank goodness that there was a football game on so my hubby could go in the other room.

    So now that I have sufficiently hijacked your comments, I'll move along. :)

  6. It is soooo awkward, but I too can't help but to gawk. It's a sick kind of fun I guess. So curious about this Deanna thing.

  7. i am glad you posted this. my husband & i are fasting tv for 21 days so it was good to atleast read about it... esp thru your words! your funny! please post about it every monday until i can watch myself :)

  8. Hi Rachel! I know you from the Holt boards. This post literally made me laugh out loud. I couldn't agree with you more. I am a fellow B.A.(Bachelor Addict) and I even made my husband watch last night. I covered my face several times and said "so awkward" several times as well. Can't wait to hear who your favorite Bachelorette is!

  9. No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to break my Bachelor obsession, even though my husband mocks the entire season (especially when I cry at the final rose ceremony!).


  10. that is so funny...i have enjoyed past seasons but didn't realize the new season started last night...kind of glad now b/c i get hooked easily...

  11. Haha! I've caught some episodes of The Bachelor in the past, and I am just always soooo shocked at the things these women will do for a man who just has his pick of them. It's so weird, but you're right. Some of their comments are downright hilarious.

  12. I love your post:)
    I see the bachelor on tv too, but her in Norway its the bachelorette whit De Anna right now.

    You have a very nice blog. I am a new follower of your blog.

    God bless you.




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