Sunday, January 4, 2009

Because I know you got my back


I need your prayers and encouragement, friends.

Nothing major, but something that's bothering me lately.....

Please pray that the Lord gives me the patience and guidance (oh, and the ability to bite my tongue and put a smile on my face like a good pastor-to-be's wife should) as I try to better understand someone who has been placed in my life right now. Please pray that I turn to Him and His Word instead of my own tiny little mind.

I'm just a bit baffled as to how to handle it.

And that's all I'm gonna say. I'm confident I don't have to go on, 'cause....

I know you got my back.


Today is Sunday, which means that you should head over to Sara's to see some Project 365 pictures!!

Below I have a sneak peak of my Day 2 here (or on the 365 pic in the right sidebar) to see the rest of my pics from the week!

Anyone else want to join in? It's never too late!


  1. i HATE tough situations with people that are "placed" in our life for some situation. been there before & i'm sure i will be there again. i will be praying for you!

  2. I'll say an extra prayer for you. It's a tough spot to be in. I'll be thinking of you!

  3. OOOH. EHHH. I don't like these placements either.
    You better believe I got your back!
    And you do have such a pretty smile too!!! ;)

  4. These are tough situations. But as God has led you and your husband into the ministry, he will give you the grace and ability to handle all the people that come your way. That doesn't mean it's always easy!

    Know I'm praying for you! And if you ever want to talk to another pastor's wife, just email me!! sarawbowyerATmsnDOTcom

  5. Sometimes its so hard to be polite...I find if I just imagine all the witty/scarcastic statements you could make to the person giving you trouble makes me feel better...if I know in my mind that I *could* reply w/a scathing comment if I wanted to its slightly easier to "nod and smile".

    As my grandma says "I'm sending you pretty pink positive thoughts".


  6. you betcha i'd love to pray for you on this one!! i do kinda wonder if you've been reading my journal? seems like we all have people like this in our lives. and its worse when they are family!☺

  7. Sometimes it just makes you wonder what the Lord wants from us when He puts us in these situations, doesn't it? And it's not ever easy to bite your tongue! So I'll be praying for you,for grace and peace and resolution, and you know we've always got your back, girl!

  8. praying for you -- it's tough to be a pastor's wife sometimes. keep hanging in there!

  9. You will be in my prayers. I was actually praying this morning about a couple of people in my life, and I was like, "Why, Lord? Do I HAVE to be nice to them??" And it was almost like He smiled and said, "You'll be blessed for it." =)

  10. Got your back, sister. Praying for you and this other person.

    I am starting my Project 365 today. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  11. Rach- I pray everything works out with you and the other person. I been there several times. You wonder if the Lord is making you stronger for something in the future that you might go through or to help another. Saw you mom tonight at bible class. :)

  12. This is the first I've heard of Project 365(or at least paid attention) and I'm really excited to start.



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