Thursday, January 1, 2009


Our sweet, fun, spunky niece Isabella turns 4 today!

Wow, Bella, you are getting so big!!

I was there the day you were born....

1st Birthday...

Easter 2007...

Playing at Grandma and Grandpa's...

Christmas 2008...

We love you SO much, Sweetie!
We miss you!
Happy 4th Birthday!!

Uncle Josh & Auntie Rachel


  1. What a cutie!!! Happy Birthday!!!

  2. These are such fun posts. Seeing them grow before your eyes. Looking at the way they change and the way their little lights shine!
    She looks like she's a spunky thing!:) I love girls like that. (Makes you not worry so much when the boys start coming around.)
    Love her name too. Isa"Bella". *sigh*If I didn't like my first name so much...Although growing up I always wanted to be "Kelly" she was always the pretty girl that had a nice family. :)
    Did you know I had an imaginary friend until I was like 9...her name was Rachel. Names can be so funny/ they make you "feel" are you finding that?
    DO you have THE names or are you thinking of some and waiting to see what "fits"...I'm really curious to the names you thought
    "OH NO WAY!" to?
    Like Fred and Fran? How do those rate?
    I'm kidding...But do tell.

  3. Just catching up on your last few days. So excited about your upcoming year! Seems like EVERYONE is doing project 365! I think (like Facebook) I am just going to have to go against the crowd! I just love regular scrapping too much. I know I could do both but I wouldn't.

    Your niece is so cute! I hope she has a wonderful Birthday.

  4. Sara ~ Yes, we do have some names picked out...Josiah & Elena (and yes, the close runners up are Fred & Fran ;-), but at the last minute we may change our mind. You never know....but we're pretty set on those names.
    Of course her name was Rachel...what OTHER names are there for imaginary friends?!

  5. with gorgeous eyes like hers, she no doubt has some family if not all wrapped around her finger. what a cutie patootie!



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