Friday, January 30, 2009


For the last 8 months Josh and I have been preparing for our little one.

I think it's obvious what I'll be wishing for as I blow out my birthday candles on February 12th!

I can't think of a more perfect gift to receive on my 26th birthday than the news of our baby.

Can you?! ;-)

But my thoughts and time line are not HIS, so we wait and prepare.

Praying for you, sweet baby.


  1. Happy 8 mos anniversary to you to Rach.
    I continually remind myself that God's timing is perfect!

  2. I'm hoping that you get your wonderful news soon!

  3. I love your sweet attitude while waiting. :)
    My birthday is Feb 11th. :) How fun would it be to go out and celebrate together??? :)

  4. That would be THE BEST birthday wish! I will wish for you too!

  5. That would be the best birthday present EVER!!!

  6. 8 things I like about you:
    1) You are simply sweet. You see the sweetnes all around you and take it to heart.
    2) You are joyful in your waiting.
    3) You are steadfast and faithful.
    4) You are transparent, authentic.
    5) You are motherly and graceful.
    6) You are loving and silly-hearted rolled into one.
    7) You care deeply for the Lord, and rest in him. Being an example to us.
    8) You are artistic and creative.
    All these things I see in you just from reading your blog!

  7. What a wonderful birthday present that would be!!
    But I hope that it comes before that!

  8. i am smiling and giggling, hoping that you hear something soon!!!!!!

  9. Now that would be the most fantastic birthday ever! Praying for you, bloggy friend!

  10. I must admit I've been checking your blog daily waiting for the Big News.

    We might not know when "the call" will come, but I know that by the time you turn 27 you will have found your baby O!


  11. Okay, I have to tell you...I had a dream two nights ago that you were in Korea picking up your son. Maybe that's a good sign right!?! It's funny especially since we've never actually met, but I could see you and Josh as clear as day in Eastern's meeting room:). I guess I'm hoping right along with you!



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