Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Glimpse

Hey all,

In response to the comments from this post a few days ago: NO, friends, we haven't heard any baby news yet. Sorry if I led on that we had!!!!! :-)


I'm not sure if the following is because we have hit the 7 month mark or what, but....

In case you wonder just how gracefully I am handling waiting for THE is a glimpse into my day:

*Wake up

*Think about this maybe possibly being THE DAY
*Check e-mail to see if any friends from my Yahoo adoption agency group received referral call
*Fall out my chair when someone has
*Rejoice for the new parents
*Frantically, but calmly, try to figure out when they got on "the list" and try to calculate where we might be
*Check agency's referral list to see if it has been updated
*Panic slightly when I realize my cell phone has been on vibrate
*Call Josh, but DO NOT (I repeat DO NOT) in any way act too excited or
he would think that the referral was OURS
*Call my voicemail even though there is absolutely NO indication that I have missed a call....just to REALLY make sure I didn't miss a call
*Contemplate e-mailing our Social Worker, Jess, to confirm that she remembers us
*Hear the words "Did Jess call?" from Josh's mouth as he walks through the door. My response: "Oh, gee, Josh did I not call you? Oh, yeah, we have a baby." Haha.
*Go to bed
*Pray for our baby
*Pray for patience
*Fall asleep

(Steps not necessarily completed in this exact order nor are they all done every day....but you get my drift)

The irrational life of this mom-to-be.

Jealous are you?!

Irrational, yes. Wonderful, yes. Anxious, yes. Thrilled, yes.

Let's all pray boldly that this little device rings to the tune of Canon in D soon.....

Although in all honesty....I'm doing really, really great! I am so happy and so excited. I pray for patience every day and the Lord has graciously given it to me. I guess in a way I do all of those silly things to have some sort of "control" over a situation that is completely out of my hands.

How awesome is it that He has it all taken care of. Thank goodness!!!!!


As I said in this post, I do have a lot of thoughts on adoption spinning around in my head. I've sat down at the computer to try to write those thoughts out.....but the words just aren't there yet. Hopefully soon.


One last thing.....Bachelor. American Idol. Biggest Loser.
Good stuff.


  1. Have you been hanging out in my pocket for the last few weeks?!! I love the 'check when they got on the list and recalculate'. I do that every day...and always come up with the same numbers!
    Our time is coming soon...I just know it! And I too have total faith in God that OUR babies are meant for us and the timing will be right when it happens.
    Hang in there, fellow waiter!

  2. I can't even imagine what it's like to be in your shoes...I'm not great at waiting, but you my friend, seem to be doing really well :)

    Praying that call comes soon, very very soon.

  3. I love your daily rituals. =) I hope soon, though, that they get to be changed.

    BTW, did anyone ever e-mail you with stuff of how to make your blog to three columns? I've been wondering that myself...

  4. Hello !
    Just want to send you many blessings.
    We adopted 2 children, 1 from Romania (born in 99, arrived in 2000) and one in our country (France) in 2005. Things are not easygoing every day, but we are so thankful ! We had to wait 3 YEARS for our son (the second one) ! So I know what it means to wait...wait... and wait !

  5. We are not to this stage yet because I know it will still be a few months for us (maybe more)...but every day I get a little bit closer to it and I just KNOW I am going to be just like you when it gets closer!!!! I cannot WAIT to read the post saying you got your call :)

    PS - sounds like you and I are both reality tv junkies...isn't it hard when American Idol and The Biggest Loser are on at the same time????? :)

  6. Rachel, I love your heart! Your baby is so lucky to have a mom who not only loves them, but loves God and trusts him completely. Praying for that ringtone!!!

  7. I'm going through all the feelings again with you. I wish I could give you a hug !
    Romans 12:12 "Be joyful in hope, patient in afflication, faithful in prayer."
    Love Ya !!!!:)

  8. I found the three column page you need.
    It is in the right hand column of the page. Let me know if this works.

  9. I check your blog every day to see if you've heard anything yet...I know your turn is coming soon!

    I was just like you were...isn't it amazing how you haven't met your child yet but he is already such a big of your heart?

    Can't wait until you get THE CALL!


  10. Oh, how I so know that you are going through. I bet we visit the same sites together every morning! I would get so much more done every day if our agency would just send me the names of the families that get the referrals when they arrive!

    I've got a special ring tone for our agency too. But, I don't think it's loud enough... I'm going to have to find another one so I'm sure to hear it where ever I am in the house!

    I hope that you call comes very, very soon! Hang in there!

  11. I love that you are sharing this with us. Your anticipation, your special ring tone. The little Rachisms. "Why, Josh did I not call you? We have a baby."
    You are the sweetest, patiant Mama.
    Rachel, I didn't like waiting when I felt mine growing in my are an inpiration to us hurry-up come quicklies.

  12. wow! i got chills reading this blog. i am the world worst at waiting. glad you have some patiences & seem to be doing good.

    i am praying for you & that phone will ring soon :)

  13. Ring phone, ring!

    Congratulations on hitting the seven month mark! We are only at three months...

  14. How fun to get a peak into your life/thoughts. :)
    Praying with you rachel!

  15. I know I've said it before but this baby is going to be SO BLESSED when he or she makes their entrance into your family. You have so much love that is just ready to be poured out. I know that you just want this whole process to be DONE, and I'm praying that you'll be hearing Canon in D very very soon.

  16. One more thing, I have really enjoyed reading your blog! I am going to add you to my blogroll!!

  17. i just love you! your realness, your're just plain great! do we live near each other? i'd love to hang out... ;-)



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