Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Looking Ahead

Change is coming for Korean adoption.

The adoption community has been aware for a while of the Korean government's push toward ending international adoption. The date of 2012 has been brought up as possibly being the final year for such adoptions to take place.

For the last 6 years, the government in Korea has put out campaigns featuring celebrities with children needing families in the effort to promote domestic adoption in Korea. While it has been on the rise in recent years, domestic adoption still has a long way to go.

These beautiful pictures are just a few from the last 2 campaigns.....

Aren't they gorgeous?!?

What does this have to do with us? Well, we are confident that our current adoption will not be affected by this pending change, but it does bring to question if we will have the opportunity to adopt from Korea again. This saddens me beyond words as we would love for our first child to have a sibling from his/her birth country.....

On the other hand we rejoice that the precious Korean children who need homes will be blessed with loving families in the country of their birth.

As we look head, we have no clue what the future holds....so we continue to trust in our gracious Lord and His plan for us!


  1. They are absolutely gorgeous:)

    Have a blessed day.


  2. those pictures are wonderful !

    I can understand very well your questions, as we faced the same problem : our first child comes from Romania, and they closed the doors to international adoptions a few month after she joined our family. So we chose to adopt in another country near to there (Bulgaria) ... but they close the doors DURING our case was there....
    We finally adopted our second child in our country, France, but had to wait longer. However, we were blessed and know it was God will !

  3. Yes, those pictures are GORGOUS.
    Rachel, I have a question.
    WHY is it that they are only going to allow domestic adoptions? I can understand the wanting them to stay in the culture, but what if there isn't enough families willing to adopt? Then what? I just think that if there is a WANT to adopt these sweet children, why would you cut that out?
    See, I know very little about adoption I don't understand the closing the door thing...

  4. How beautiful!

    It absolutely astounds me that a couple who is good and moral has to wait so long to adopt a child!! How in the world does that make sense??

  5. Yes, many families are watching and waiting to see what S. Korea is going to be doing near 2012. I hope that sibling calls will still come after they stop international adoptions, the thought of those stopping makes me very sad.

    We already are going to have two children born in two different countries. I wonder what we will do if Korea does choose to stop (or drastically reduce their numbers.)

  6. WOW, Korean people are just drop-dead gorgeous. What wonderful photos!

    Keeping you and Josh on the prayer list - can't wait to see the gorgeous pics when YOU'RE little one comes home!

  7. I know there are many families waiting to see what happens in Korea. From what we've seen of the 30-plus years the Korean int'l adoption program has been in place is that the Korean government does try to put the best interest of the children first. I truly believe that they will not shut down the int'l program unless their domestic program grows enough to provide homes for all the children in need of one. I think if Korean children can find homes in Korea, that is a wonderful thing. As an adoptive parent, I know that if we are meant to have more children, God will lead us to them - where ever they are.


  8. I've found your blog by lurking on the Holt BB. You are a real inspiration to me as we are just beginning our wait. I love the pictures you posted tonight and I pray that your phone will ring soon with good news!

  9. such pretty pictures! beautiful people. i love your heart and how you even think about the future siblings for your future sweetie! God always provides doesn't he!

  10. Oh, those pictures are amazing. They must make your heart burn. I hope that picture frame gets filled fast, too!

    What is up with the lady in the theater? When you described her reaction, I had to go back to read that it was indeed the popcorn that you spilled and not the soda. Must've been a bad day...

  11. those are really good pics.

    just wondering & maybe you have answered it & i just haven't read it in an earlier post... i'm wondering why ya'll have decided to adopt an korean baby?
    and if its none of my business then that is fine.

  12. That second baby - OH my. I want to blow raspberries on that tummy!!

    One of my best friends is in a similar boat. (did I tell you this already?) So the end result is they are not getting the Chinese baby they thought they would when they started the process - but a 6 year old little girl with operable scoliosis. SUCH a spin on what they expected, but so, so exciting!!

    God already knows who your babies are - it's gonna be fun to find out for ourselves!

  13. Wow...that does raise some questions for the future, doesn't it? I know the Lord has a perfect plan for you, but I realize that you can't help but wonder.

    Those pictures ARE beautiful...and oh, those babies - pure sweetness.



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