Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Merry Christmas!?

Here are some Christmas photos from, oh, just over a month ago! I figure it's never too late and I know our family will enjoy them...

Isabella announces present opening...

Natalie opens the pjs we got her...

My handsome brother Josh...

And my handsome husband...

Jake and Heather share a laugh...

Dad happy about his new GPS...

Mom shocked over her digital camera...

Mom and Dad's tree...

Unlce Mike with his nieces...

Papa Del with his great-grandbaby...

My wonderful Grandma & Grandpa S...

Remember The Surprise....

Go here to see the video!!

Christmas dinner...

Uncle Rich & Mark with Natters...

The crazy White Elephant exchange begins...

December 26th with the S family...

We had a wonderful holiday with our fantastic family!


On a completely unrelated note....what was up with The Bachelor last night?! Could their BE anymore whining and crying and pushiness? My goodness gracious! Seriously pathetic.

And yet I watched the awkward train wreck.

Did you?


  1. those were awesome pictures!!! thanks for sharing them!!!

    but I have to know what was up with the toilet seat!!!

  2. Such pretty pictures! And I LOVE your nieces names: Natalie and Isabella. Gorgeous!

    Missed the Bachelor. I'm taking a break from reality TV after finishing up Momma's Boys...that was...interesting, haha!

  3. thanks for sharing more fun christmas pictures! your parents' tree is beautiful!
    ps it's never too late for christmas, we still have our nativity scene up :), i always wait until the end of january to take it down!

  4. First of all, thank you so much fro sharing your Christmas with us! I felt like I was there and could hear all the laughs from everyone! I loved to toilet donut! That was hiliarious. Second, I haven't watched the Bachlor yet, it's on my to do list today. I'll be back to tell you what I think, I am really excited about said train wreck!!!

  5. Girl, those pictures are terrific. The ones where your mom, dad and Jack and Heather are priceless. Great timing on those!

    And, your video still brings me to tears!!! That is just phenomenal.

    Bachelor...oh. my. gosh. Seriously? To be honest with you, I thought Shannon was going to cause a SCENE when she got cut!! I'm so glad all three of those girls are gone, though. And Nikki - she was nice, but her control-freakishness made me hyperventilate!

    Did I just type an entire paragraph about Bachelor? :-) ha ha

  6. Your parents tree is awesome!

    I think Josh looks kinda cute in that 'white elephant' sweater...

  7. Loved the pictures Rachel! Looked like so much fun family bonding. :)
    I haven't watched the Bachelor. Partly because I think I may get hooked... :) Party because I think it would be obnoxious. But like you said, an adictive watching a train wreck type obnoxious. :)

  8. Posting pictures takes sooo long; to post so many must have taken you a month!

    Really great pictures!

  9. Great pics!!! I hadn't watched your video until today...guess I missed it the first time around...loved it!!!

  10. you caught some great moments...love them! now off to see that video of yours

  11. What a FUN family you have...loved getting a peek into your Christmas day.

    Oh yes, you know it...I watched every wrecky moment of the Bachelor. What a mess, huh? But such great entertainment! I seriously don't know what some of those girls are thinking! I am really glad The Stalker is gone, though. :)



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