Monday, January 26, 2009

My Weekend

Happy New Year!! More on that tomorrow!


My weekend in review....


Josh and I had a very good day! Here are a few of the highlights....

Coffee and an iced cinnamon dolce latte started off the day. Yum!

As good parents we needed to educate ourselves about jogging strollers, car seats, highchairs, and cute baby clothes....

All that shopping made us very hungry (I had delicious chicken and Josh had ribs)...

We even saved room for dessert....
Looked across the street, read this, and thought of my dad....

It was a very very good day.

Saturday and Sunday:

Me. Josh. 13 teenagers.

All "locked-in" at our church for 12 hours. Willingly. Well,
they were 3:30 am I wasn't exactly thrilled. You know how I love my sleep, but I did survive.

I can't tell you how thrilled I was to see my pillow yesterday afternoon after church and fellowship hour. Oh, and Bible class and a potluck.

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Glad you got to spend to some with your hubby! Looks like you had a fine day!!

  2. How fun!!! I'm terribly jealous of the Starbucks and dessert!! Yum!!

    I went to the 'rents this weekend -- Superman had to travel for work again. But he's back now, so my weekend ended on a big time high note! =D

  3. Oh, those lock-ins ARE rough! :) I am ashamed to admit I didn't make it through ours. We had 5 other youth leaders that were still awake and going strong, so I dragged an air mattress into the nursery and got a couple of hours sleep at 4:30 AM. :)

  4. So glad you Josh had a great day off together!!! Looks like it was fun!

  5. It looked like your day together was awesome!! That would be a favorite way to spend my day. :)

  6. What a fun weekend, even if you did have to sacrifice some sleep!

    Isn't Babies r Us overwhelming?

    My weekend was spent at home, doing pretty much nothing except hang out. It was so nice to be still.

  7. that dessert looks yummy!!!

    lock in's... HATE them! glad you made it to tell about it & didn't kill any of those students! ha maybe that is only how i feel half way through the night! ha

    my weekend was finishing up the tile in the bathroom & then cleaning up the mess. fun fun!!!

  8. Mmmm... the Iced Cinnamon Dolce is my FAVORITE!! Sounds like a fun day.

    I didn't even realize when I sent you the website of the family that adopted from Korea (have you checked it out?) that you guys would also be using the name Josiah. How cool!

  9. What a wonderful day indeed! Oh, I miss Babies R Us; it was my favorite store when my little ones were little. :o) May you be blessed 10 fold for your work in the lives of those 13 teenagers.

    Blessings, Carolynn

  10. Oh - I just love Babies R Us!!!!! Glad you got a day with your hubby! ;)

  11. looks like you had a GREAT weekend!!!

    that dessert looks amazing!!!

  12. Great weekend! (except for the lock-in ... can't do that anymore ... like my bed too much)



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