Tuesday, January 13, 2009


A few questions for those who are more techno-savvy than me....which is pretty much ALL of you. :-)
Is there a way to change my blog format from 2 columns to 3 columns? I would also like to widen the middle section a little as it seems so narrow.
Can this be done? And without erasing anything??
Thanks in advance O Wise Ones.


  1. Not sure about the 3 column question, but yes, you can widen the middle part. I will email you the code you need to change and you can play around with the number to see how wide you want it!

  2. Yes you can... i have several great tutorial sites bookmarked... just email me from my blog and I'll send them to you!

  3. Thanks for the help ladies!!!!!! I think I have it the way I like it!!!

  4. I could figure it out IF I were sitting next to you. I'm a need to see what I'm doing kinda gal.
    I know someone out there will be able to explain it in terms that are easy to follow...Good luck. I don't like being technically challegned either.
    You can read into that as much or little as you'd like ;)

  5. this is not an answer to your question, but i think you figured it out anyway!

    i know you have gotten it already, but i had to give you the lemonade blog award again from me! no need for you to regive the award, unless you really want to :). i am so happy i found your blog and that i also found the lifelink group through you, too! it has made the past few months go by so much quicker and i have met so many more adoptive families with our agency. thank you for having an amazing blog!

  6. Looks like you got your questions answered, but if you still want to change it from 2 column to 3 column, it is SUPER easy, and I would be happy to help you. :) But if you're happy with the 2 column, that's fine, it looks great!



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