Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Rooster, a Dog, and a Rat

Sounds like one of those walked into a bar jokes. Don't worry, it's not!

Read on and I'll explain.

This week was the Lunar New Year celebration in Korea (as well as many other Asian countries)! One of the biggest holidays in Korea, Seollal was celebrated on January 26th and lasted for 3 days. For this holiday, Korean families come together, gifts are exchanged, ancestors are remembered, games are played, good food is enjoyed. Many, especially children, wear hanboks on these days of celebration.

One of 12 animals is assigned to each year in a 12 year cycle. We are now in the year of the Ox. That's where my blog title comes in. Josh was born in the year of the Rooster. I made my appearance on the last day in the year of the Dog. We believe that our little one was born last year, in the year of the Rat. Go here to figure out what animal year you were born in!

To celebrate the holiday, last night I cooked my first Korean dish -
Bulgogi, which is grilled marinated beef. I served it over rice with some veggies and it was very yummy! I found a number of different Bulgogi recipes, but I used this one last night. I plan on trying more out soon. (If you have a good one - please share it!)

Food, good food, puts a smile on my Josh's face. Do you think he liked it?

I think so. ;-)

One more thing. Your adoption questions from yesterday were fantastic!! It's not too late to leave a comment or e-mail me (blessedbyhishand at if you have a question about our journey or adoption in general. In the coming days, I'll be splitting up the ?s into a few different posts.

Keep 'em coming, folks!

Happy New Year!!! Let's pray that MANY blessings come in the year of the Ox.


  1. Awww! A little rat! :) How sweet.

    Sounds like you are learning alot of the Korean culture. The dinner you made sounded fantastic!

    It's so fun to hear of all the special things you are doing to prepare for your child. :)

  2. I think it is SO cool that you guys are learning so much about the Korean culture.
    I love the little Hanbok.
    I looked me up and I'm a tiger.
    (this makes me giggle)
    Rob is a Sheep
    Nina is a horse, which I found interesting because she's really into horses.
    Nick is a a rooster, barely. He tried to be a monkey! But we couldn't get the doctor to the hospital so he is a rooster. That makes me laugh too... he's more monkey.
    That was really fun! Thanks.

  3. Happy new year! Isn't it so fun to learn about another culture?

    I made the same bulgogi recipe for Aidan's birthday - its really good! Instead of rice, we served it over Korean glass noodles (Jap Chae). I'll email you the recipe.
    You should also think about ordering the children's book Bee-bim Bop!. Baby O will like it and in the back is a recipe for bee-bim bop (Korean mixed up rice). I'm making it for the 1st time next week.


  4. We are a rat, tiger and rooster. Hopefully our baby is a rat as well. Hmmm... lots of baby rats in our little circle!

    I made Bulgogi on Tuesday night in honor of the Lunar New Year. I too liked it but am still looking for the "right" recipe. Mine had too much soy sauce in it. Maybe I'll try the one you made next!

  5. I'm so glad that I'm able to observe your life unfolding like this. I can't wait to celebrate with you from miles away!



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