Saturday, January 31, 2009


Is anyone else excited to see Confessions of a Shopaholic? It looks SO fun....

Love love love the Rihanna song at the beginning.

I was bummed the other night when Josh went out to rent Fireproof and no copies were left. Hopefully we'll get to watch it this week.
If you've seen it already....did you enjoy it?

Starting Monday, I'll be answering your adoption questions! If you still have one, it's never too late to ask. :-)

Happy weekend!


  1. We saw Fireproof in the theaters. I was a bit bummed that we had to travel a ways to find a theater that was showing it.

    I loved the message of the movie (but wish they would have had a little higher budget and made put a little more effort into the making of the movie.)

    Enjoy the movie!

  2. I have not seen fireproof yet, but I think it is great that is was completely checked out!!!!

  3. That first movie does look fun! Too bad we don't live near one another! I'd totally go see it with you!

    We have Fireproof sitting here from Netflix right now. We have a movie night planned tonight. Can't WAIT! I hope it's available for you soon!

  4. i want to see "Shopaholic" too!!! we are going to see a different movie tonight though, "Taken." it's my husband's turn to pick one out, and i think it is a little scary!!!

  5. girl, i haven't seen a movie in like 2 years. enjoy it for me!

  6. i can't wait to see was me in my 'former' life! haha

    can't wait to see fireproof either!!!

  7. I've had a group of girls all set up to see Shopaholic for 3 weeks now! Cannot wait - although I'm sure it will be a reminder of how much my clothes budget has decreased these past few years :)

  8. I am thrilled about the new Shopaholic movie coming out!!


    Hoping to get a few local bloggy-chics together to go see it.

    Haven't seen Fireproof yet.

  9. Our Church actually has shown it 3 times for the community. BUT... I never made it to see it. So I rented it at Blockbuster online. My hubby and I can't wait to see it. We have seen snipits at church the past few weeks. OUr Pastor is doing several sermons on it. Very good.. I would encourage any married or dating couple to see it.

    We also have three different classes avaliable for couples at our church all studying scripture and doing course bassed off of FIreproof. We will be going on Wed. nights at least for a little while till we get the "call"!!!

    Hope you can get your hands on a copy. Or come on down to Ohio and watch with us!

  10. I haven't seen Fireproof yet. I'll look forward to seeing what you think.

    I'm looking forward to the answers to your questions too :)


  11. Is Shopaholic out yet? I can't wait! I'll probably go with my girlfriend to see it 'cause I can't see my hubby too excited about going. :) I hardly ever make it to the theater, but I did see Bride Wars a few weeks ago - also with my girlfriend - and it was cute. :)



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