Saturday, January 3, 2009


It's January 3rd.

You know what that means....another month has passed preparing for Baby O!

7 months ago we officially started waiting.

But it was
3.5 years or 42 months or 1277ish days ago (however you want to break it down!) that we began praying & preparing for this child!

Even though we do not know who our dear baby is, it
does not mean that s/he wasn't thought of and loved this Christmas!

To celebrate 7 months, I have pictures to show off 7 gifts for our sweet little one!

Wonderful books from my Mom & Dad...

The ornament from our family...

My sweet sister, Kayla, gave this to me! It is the Willow Tree "Our Gift". I love it....

A cute little monkey from Josh and I....

An adorable puppy from Josh's Mom & Dad....

My dear Grandma Lois made this gorgeous blanket....

I ordered these beautiful handmade Korean "Hanbok Kids" ornaments from an extremely talented lady (I know her via an online adoption group). Aren't they fantastic?!

Ring phone, ring!!!!!! We SOOOOOO want to hear the news of our child!!

All in His perfect time....His perfect hands.


  1. Seven months... you shouldn't have much further to wait. I'm hoping that your call comes very soon!

    How sweet to get gifts for Baby O. How precious! We have the book "I Love You Through and Through" and both DH and I love reading it to DS. That blanket is so beautiful... I'm sure every stitch was done with love. So awesome!!!

  2. we just ordered the rosie's family book. it looks so cute! thanks for sharing all the wonderful gifts for baby o! what a wonderful family your baby will come home to!
    btw, i set my phone the other day to play brahm's lullaby when our SW calls. . .i hope we both get the call soon!!!!

  3. it will be so beautiful for your sweet one to look back on this post someday and remember how much they are loved! anxious with you. and thank you for praying for me lately, i have surely felt them.

  4. Those ornaments are SO sweet. We started a "library" for our kids before they were here too! Reading is so special. Mine are at the stage where they like to "read" to us and Nina is pointing out her starter words...a the and of you...
    I'm with you
    Ring phone RING!

  5. I love this post!!!!

    That willow is so tender!

    I'm with Linda, blogging is so wonderful because your child will have this time recorded for them and will no without a doubt how much they were prayed for, wished for, waited for and most importantly loved!!!!

  6. i am praying for you guys! this anticipated little baby is going to have a super family to come home to-- so blessed already!

    i love the willow tree figurines :).

  7. A friend of mine was matched in December, they had waited for about 12 months. Not trying to discourage you, just wanted you to know good things come to those who wait. You will get your baby!

  8. Your time is coming my friend! Can't wait to hear news about Baby O!

  9. I can't wait until you are counting the months you've spent w/your baby home are almost there!


  10. I'm so excited to see God's plans for your family.

  11. what awesome gifts your sweet baby already has & the LOVE too!

    i hope & pray that in 2009 you will be getting a phone call that will change your whole life upside down :)

  12. You are getting so close! Soon you will be counting down the DAYS until your little one comes home. I will continue praying that your call comes soon!

  13. Praying praying praying for that phone to RING. What sweet gifts you have prepared for your precious baby. I love the Willow Tree Figurine, it is so beautiful.

  14. Oh Rachel, this post is so sweet. So hopeful and filled with love and faith. Faith that God knows and he will provide. I love reading your entries and waiting excitedly with you!

  15. Congratulations on making it to the 7 month mark. Hopefully this will be the last one you have to celebrate!!! What is the expected wait time?

    I Love You Through and Through is one of my FAVORITE books!!! So sweet.

    I'm one of Luann friends and she told me about your blog. We are hoping to start an adoption soon and she knew I would love to follow along with yours!

  16. I know what it's like to wait for that call...we adopted from China. Hope your wait isn't much longer

    Terrye in FL



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