Monday, February 16, 2009

3 Words

3 Words: He Knows Me!

Reason #26 why I love my husband:

He got me this for my birthday.....

There was a mixture of awwws and giggles when I realized what it was.

Yes, my friends, my very own back scratcher.

You see, I have this compulsion to have my back scratched. I NEED it scratched every single day. I believe I get a bit of this from my dad. :-)

Since we've been married, my dear husband has been my #1 back scratcher. Josh has perfected following my frantic scratching commands: "Scratch my back! To the right. Now left. Softer. Lower. There. Enough!"

Josh knows me oh, so well.

I love my new fabulous back scratcher, but nothing comes close to the real thing.

Prize to the first person to comment on how many times I wrote the word scratch or scratcher or scratched.



3 more words: Wahoo Amazing Race!

Love that show....the new season started last night and I'm already hooked. If Josh and I watch an episode together, we always talk strategy. In our minds, we would totally kick butt bottom in that Race.


3 final words: The Bachelor Tonight!

Three women left! Oh, the drama. Oh, the suspense. Oh, the trainwreck. Can't wait!

I'll be back tomorrow with my thoughts on tonight's episode. It will prove to be very insightful, I'm sure. ;-)

Until then.....


  1. Love the Amazing Race too. I was hysterical during the cheese part!

  2. i love the practical gifts!

    i am also looking forward to the bachelor and am rooting for deanna!

  3. Gotta love those thoughtful gifts! How sweet! You should paint it up nicely and then hang it in a prominent place for easy daily access!

  4. HAHA! That is awesome! Kudos to Josh!

  5. My husband loves his back scratchers too. (The wooden one and me) He had changed jobs and left one in his old office and when the lady that took his place gave it back too him he started using it right away. He loves those things!

  6. You are SO lucky. My hubby is terrible at back scratching. I think it's the one thing he really looses his patience on.
    Oh, goodness I'm DYING to see Bachelor tonight. I really really like Jillian for him. (The other girls a nice too, but Jillian it a package, sweet funny adventurous pretty in her own way, like he's cute in his own her family was SO awesome.)
    But I've been cheating and reading the I guess I know who he picks. (if the gossip is all right...which hard for SO many to be wrong) Wouldn't be MY choice but like Rob says...they be over before the shows even ends.

  7. I need me one of those!!! my hubby and kids get tired of scratching my son and I trade off!! :)

    I DVRd amazing race and have to watch it glad to hear it is good!

  8. i would tell my husband what a cute gift this was...only i don't want him to get any ideas and stop scratching my back. hehehehehe i am veyr very bad about needing my back scratched...even through entire movies...scratched/massaged...i'm soooo needy!

  9. I am so with you on all three things!! Back scratching, the amazing race and the bachelor... I love um...

  10. I love a good back scratch!

    Can't wait for the Bachelor tonight!

  11. LOVE the bachelor!!!! Going to watch it RIGHT now!!!

  12. AMAZING gift... wish I had one. Maybe Josh should drop my hubby a hint... :)



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