Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Let's get serious, people

It's time to get serious.

major and difficult decision making will be happening in the next few weeks.

Jason has narrowed the field down to 4 amazing ladies.....





*What lucky lady will
J choose to be his wife?
*What will make this season the most
intense and romantic and shocking and dramatic season of The Bachelor?
*When will Deanna return to try to win back Jason's heart?

serious questions to ponder.

If you aren't serious about the Bachelor, what show are you serious about?
I enjoy bonding with friends over serious mindless television. It's a hobby of mine. Do share!


  1. when i saw title of your post, i was thinking it was going to be so serious!!! which i guess it was ;)!

    i switched my monday night ritual from the bachelor this year, to. . .ahem, gossip girl. i know, i know, so shameful.

    i might be able to get back into the bachelor since it is in the final stretch! but i have to say, i hope deanna comes to her senses, too! especially since i heard she and jesse broke up.

  2. I'm serious about "the Office," unfortunately we don't have cable anymore, so I have to wait 'til it's up on the internet, but I love hearing what other people got out of the episode b/c there's so much funny stuff!

  3. I did watch the bach. this week for the first time....not my cup of tea. However, I am a big fan of Idol and 24 and of course, Top Chef!!!

  4. My shows: Lost, Chuck, and The Office. I LOVE them, especially Lost, cause there's so many theories going around, lol.

  5. I am cheering for Melissa - I think she seems the most natural for some crazy reason. I reallly LOVE the show that is on after the Bachelor - True Beauty (I think). I love watching the "beauties" get a taste of their own medicine!

  6. Hilarious! I do watch some semi-serious shows..Mad Men, Lost.
    As for my Bachelor-type serious can't go wrong with Bravo...Millionaire Matchmaker and Houswives of NYC...delicious!

  7. Girl.....this is riveting, isn't it!?

    I'm so glad you commented about Deanna coming back. Because, I saw the preview for that, and then thought maybe I missed an episode because I hadn't seen it again. When on earth does she show up!?

    All four of those girls are awesome!!!! I can't wait to watch the hometown dates! My husband hates that I watch this show...but I watch it anyway. When he isn't around. Isn't that horrible!? It's like a dirty secret!

    Who do you think he will pick? I secretly hope it's Melissa.

  8. hmmmm. there are too many to choose from. when i have the time, i'm serious about the bachelor, too. and, i prefer the real housewives of orange county. i LOVED project runway, and the first seasons of survivor. now that i have two babies, my prime time television watching has been replaced with baths and books and snuggling at bedtime. that's what i'm serious about, these days. :)

  9. molly is my pick!

    my favorite show to watch is CSI: Miami - LOVE it!!!

  10. hahaha. at first i thought you were talking about how you should cut your hair or something?! i'm a lostie and a "lost" on at that lately!

  11. Love the Bachelor! Y should check out the entertainment weekly website. Chris harrison does a weekly blog and a writer does a hilarious recap.

    I am rooting for Melissa. Jillian seems like she is in it for "the experience". Naomi just seems to immature for marriage & motherhood. Molly is okay, but for some reason she's just not my favorite. I was sad to see Steph go, even though I think they had zero chemistry. She seems like an amazing person, even though her style of kisses freaked me out and her wardrobe choices were questionable.

    Other shows I love:
    Gossip Girl
    The Office

  12. This is one that I watch with my daughters! We are liking Mel. She seems real.

    I like Gray's Anatomy too.. My tween girl loves American Idol.

    Oh and LOST... wahooo

    Yep we watch some shows around here. We need to get cable sometime before the 17th. Or we will not be watching anything!!!

  13. Ok. I think Melissa is as cute as a button, but I think for some reason that he has a thing for Jillian. Is it just me? And then of course maybe Deanna will throw a wrench into the works...I can't wait for that. I think he likes Molly and Naomi, but I don't really think he'll end up with either of those...

  14. OMgosh - I'm so glad you all mentioned the Denna thing on Bach... I too thought maybe I missed it! Can't wait! I'm routing for Mel or Julian, although I agree, I'm not sure where Julian's head is at..... If Denna shows up - we'll get to see where his head is at! I mean if you love someone and they break ur heart, it doesn't mean the love disappears!! I hate that I love this show!!! I am also a Lost fan - it's crazy! Thank goodness for mindless TV - I'd be insane without it!!!

  15. I do love this season of the BAchelor...LOVE it!



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