Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Monday Monday

*We had a fantastic weekend! My parents came to visit us from Wisconsin, so we spent the weekend laughing, eating, chatting, playing games, and eating some more!

I really have the most incredible parents....

Dean & Jules....thanks for making the drive to see us! We love you very much.

*Did y'all watch the Oscars last night? I'm a sucker for all the fashion and drama and glam. Some of my fav moments:

All of the little Slumdog Millionaire kiddos - they were SO excited on the red carpet. Adorable.

Ben Stiller's crazy, bearded Joaquin Phoenix impersonation. Right on there.

Heath Ledger's family accepting his Best Supporting Actor award. So touching.

Kate Winslet's Best Actress speech. She is such a classy, sweet lady.

What were your favorite moments?!?

*Melissa has a huge lead in my Bachelor poll (you still have about 15 hours to vote!) over Molly & DeAnna. 48 out of 67 of you think that she will walk away with the final rose!

Tonight is the Women Tell All episode, which promises lots of drama and tears.

Don't forget to come by In His Hands on March 3 for my Bachelor party! There will be heavy, serious discussion and a prize or two!

Enjoy your Monday everybody!


  1. I too LOVE the Bachelor. My friends and I have been doing a lot of research on all of the spoiler sites and there are way too many stories out there about how it all ends up. I cannot wait to see if any are actually true! You named my favorite parts about the Oscars, but I was in tears I was laughing so hard at Ben Stiller, and truly cried when Heath's family accepted his award. Lastly, what an amazing turnout you have had for your giveaway! Continuing to pray for continued success!!

  2. Look at you, looking just like your father!

    I didn't watch the Oscars. For some reason, I'm just not interested in them?

    Bachelor - cannot WAIT!

  3. I too loved the slumdog kids! They were so funny and excited! I thought it was hysterical that they were just walking up to people and asking for their autographs! HA! There were some wonderfully beautiful dresses. I LOVED Miley Cyrus's dress and the girl who played Brad Pitts mother in the Bejamin Button movie, oh and Angelinas jewelry was too die for!!

  4. I just sent you a donation and i'll link to your blog from my blog, good luck with everything, i'll be following you!

  5. Hugh Jackman is SO cute!
    Kate Winslet is SO graceful and elegent and talented...
    I missed the musical production number, darn it.
    Angelina just looked spoiled...blah
    She's not my fave. For some reason I CAN'T get over HOW Brad chose her over Jen? Jen is so...normal. Then again maybe Brad isn't as normal as we think...
    I like Anne Hathaway too. Cute number between her and Hugh. Wish that'd been ME! Yummmy.
    CAN NOT WAIT FOR TONIGHT'S BACHELOR!!! DYING. Get to see my girl Jill.

  6. Isn't Ann Hathaway great? I wish I could afford her stylist!

    I wish we could skip tonight's Bachelor and get to the finale!


  7. Yay for spending time with your parents this weekend!!!
    I LOVE Kate Winslet - I agree she is so classy!

  8. you look so much like your parents...well obviously, but striking! and that's a compliment. gorgeous family!

    the oscars!! i loved it when the women came out and gave tribute to the women nominated for best actress, etc.

  9. Watching the Bachelor RIGHT NOW and thinking of you! I am so excited about your fundraiser and how well it is going :) Praying God will provide all you need to bring your baby home!

  10. Is it me or does Anne Hathaway's dress look a little see-through?

    Love the pics of you and your parents -- super cute!

  11. Aw! I'm so glad your parents came for a visit! I just adore my parents too, and living 9 hours away can be hard.
    Your family is so classy looking! :)
    I was watching House last night, but flipped on over to the Bachelor for a few minutes. I think I chose a BAD time to tune in. Any way, I think I'll just get my updates from you on it. :)

  12. I just came over here from Heather of the EO. I'm so excited to meet you!!

    I have 2 gorgeous children, both adopted from South Korea! You are in for an incredible adventure!!!!

  13. can't wait to attend the bachelor party. hope i win something... hee hee.. i never do. i am glad your folks got to come in and you had fun. i love mom's and dad's. have a good week. i feel much better thanks for my comment.



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