Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our little secret

We're nearing 9 months of preparing for our precious Baby O.

Obviously there is no physical evidence to support this fact.....other than a big smile and a huge stack of paperwork. :-)

As I stroll through Target or run through the park, I'll sometimes think to myself....
"These people have NO clue that I am about to have a baby!"

It is those times that God and I share a little smile. A secret.

My belly is not huge, but my heart is.

HE knows it. I know it.

Hopefully we'll be able to share our little secret with others soon.

Physical evidence: adorable sweet baby in my arms.


Speaking of little secrets....remember this Q&A post from last week? I told you that Josh and I have a little something up our sleeve.

It's coming very soon!


  1. You guys are going to be wonderful parents, what a lucky baby is coming your way!

  2. I love secrets, and yours is so sweet!

  3. What a great way to look at it. I'll have to remember your little secret the next time I feel like no one cares that "I'm expecting, too!" Thanks!

  4. i love how you said your heart was big even if your tummy wasn't. true and beautiful!

  5. You make me laugh - I had the same secret and I loved it. Just a quick story. We were in the state that P was born in ( we had to wait 5 days before we could leave).
    So when he was 2 days old we went out to eat. People asked how old he was and we said 2 days old. Oooo you look so good. Thank you I said. How was the delivery? It is was piece of cake. They would walk away from the table and we both laughed.

  6. P. S. I truly do love your secret.
    I did not mean to down play it. I just thought it was funny because I did the same thing. Love Ya!

  7. Every time you post like this, I get all excited like you're going to tell us you got "the call."

  8. Can't wait to hear the little secret. Hope it's good. I voted for Melissa for the Bachelor. We shall see. I totally understand about being "paper pregnant" no one knows how HUGE our hearts are... :) Blessings,

  9. You are just the sweetest most wonderful mommy ever.

    And I'm crazy for secrets. When they are spilled! So spill it. And then Deanna will spill it and then I'll be so relieved! :)

  10. somthin' up your sleeve! SPILL IT!!! :-)

  11. i love your secret too :) . soon everyone will know!



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