Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sent Home Broken-Hearted

The Bachelor.

First things first. Was anyone else distracted by some of the cheesy things Jason was saying? I don't think I'm the only one, but just in case you missed 'em....here are a few.

I present to you....

Cheesy Bachelor Quotes
. Did he really just say that? ~ New Zealand Edition:

"When Jill sees me, she's going to be so impressed."
In regards to him arriving to pick her up in a helicopter. Why impressed? How about excited? Surprised maybe?

"This is like romance in the air."
Referring to said chopper ride. Riveting. :-)

"Is is too much to ask for the world?"
Um, no, but it is very cheesy.

"The President 'cause you could make a big difference."
Very original answer to Molly's question of If you could be one person for one day who would you be?

"I finally felt like...love." After Molly broke down her "walls".

"We're here to go in some really cool hot pools." His description to Mel of what they were going to do on their big date.

Oh, J....you have such a way with words. :-)


What did y'all think of Jillian going home? In the last few weeks, she became my favorite. She just seems so genuine and fun and respectful and sweet. I LOVE that Canadian accent of hers, too! I was sad to see her cute little self sent home with a broken heart.

So it's down to 2 ladies.....Mel & Mol.

I have to admit that I'm not crazy about either of them. If I had to choose one (for let's say, a blog post solely focused on a reality show), I would go with Melissa. She is very sweet and fun. I like the girl, I just don't love her.

As we all know, DeAnna returns and throws a curve ball into the mix.

If the clip of Jason sobbing all over the balcony of his New Zealand suite is any indication, we're in for some major DRAMA folks!

SO much drama that Chis Harrison broke the news that the "After the Final Rose episode" will be kept intimate to respect the sensitive nature of the MOST DRAMATIC FINALE of the Bachelor EV-AH. Whoa.

Next Monday is the "Ladies Tell All episode". During the preview, I cringed a bit remembering some of their antics. Oh, the trainwreck. Although, I am interested to hear what they all have to say!

Ok, so what are your thoughts????? Please share. I'm actually kinda stumped on this. I'd love to hear those theories of yours!


To celebrate this most dramatic finale....

You are all invited....

Who: The Bachelor fans....or anyone else who enjoys love, romance, and drama

What: After the Final Rose Part-tay!

Where: Right here at In His Hands

When: Tuesday, March 3

The Details:
*Come by In His Hands to hear my take on The Bachelor Finale!
*Feel free to share your own post with your feelings on Jason's decision....be sure to link up!
*What's a party without a prize or two?!

Will you join me?


Who is your pick? Make sure to vote in the poll!! (Top Right Sidebar!)


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  1. Why oh WHY can't we live near one another to have a REAL LIFE party!!!? We could do a collaborative vlog session. Our very OWN After the Show show.

    I love that you took notes on the stupid things he said. I noticed how they showed the President comment, but also ran it through pretty quickly. I felt, for a minute, like I accidentally changed channels to a beauty pageant.

    I'm a Melissa fan. Have been for a while. It's going to be her. I just know it. I told you my theory on the whole DeAnna thing.

    by the way, was it just me, or was last night REALLY difficult to get through those kissing scenes? I was kinda puking and had to fast forward through them. I don't know what it was.

    btw, Rachel....I have 76 unread emails I'm trying to narrow down and get through. I think I see one in there from you and I hope to get to them all today!

  2. even though i have only seen the last few episodes, i was a jillian fan too.

    i can't figure out the deanna thing. are they just trying to make it look like she wants him back through editing??? hmmmmm.

    also, the kissing scenes, especially with jillian. i had to look away!

  3. OK - I actually yelled at my TV last night, when he said "Molly" -- I could not believe that he was sending Jillian home. I loved her! I do not think Molly is right for him. I do like Melissa, and have since the first episode.

    The whole Deanna thing -- I think she's just there to give him advice. If you watch the clip, he's wearing flannel when he's talking to her, and then when they show him crying over the balcony, he has a suit on.

    The "after the final rose" drama ... I think it's about Melissa's parents. You know, they are private people ;-) and I'm guessing that they have them there, but don't have an audience this year, because they want their privacy. ??? I could be totally wrong, but those are my thoughts.

    ... and the kissing scenes - yuck! ... especially Jason and Jillian. Why did they have to show all of that to us?! Ack!

  4. I don't watch the Bachelor, but I'm lovin' your updates!

  5. I have to say, and I haven't put my post up yet...I was totally ticked when he sent Jill home. So in honor of that tick I voted that he should end up with Deanna. Because I've lost all love for both of them. SERIOUSLY, WHY would you throw away your perfect match?!?!?! they were made for each other...she dumped him and do you notice Melissa looks WAY too much like Deanna and his EX! For crying out loud the guy just WANTS to get kicked in the gut.
    Ok, I'm SO in for March 3rd now I have to go do my post...

  6. when this show first started out, i'd have parties w/ my girlfriends and sit around talking about it. it was a BLAST. this season i have been WAY out of it, but loved your little commentary here. hilarious stuff!

  7. You are toooooo funny. I love you.

    I too was bummed about his choice and I also noticed all the cheesy things he was saying. What happened to him, he's just getting kind of...weird.

    Especially the president answer. C'mon, just say you can't think of anything--sheesh.

    I'm more of a Melissa fan. Something about Molly bothers me a bit. Maybe it's how she always turns her head to the side and peeks out of the corner of her eye with a sly look on her face like "I'm on to you Jason, aren't I cute?"

    I think the sobbing thing really will have to do with Deanna because he'll be all thrown off and confused and then he'll think about it and send her away. Just guessing.

  8. I think my theme for the whole episode would be "Jason, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING???".

    The entire Molly date was ridiculous...I'm sorry, learning Jason's favorite ice cream b/c you asked him a list of questions on a date does not equal that you two are close...learning the answers to those questions over time is how to develop a real relationship. And Molly's "walls" coming down...when exactly did that happen b/c I still didnt hear anything that meaningful or deep come out of her mouth. Jason's comments that he and Molly reached a new level...I was thinking "huh?" Its obvious he is just very attracted to her physically.

    I have liked Melissa the whole show, but I think Jason's comment that she reminds him very much of his ex-wife and Deanna are a big warning flag...when he said that last night I was thinking "well, he should obviously send her home than!".

    I understood what he was saying about having to be more than best friends, obviously you need to be attracted to your spouse, but I think the most important part & the foundation of every successful relationship is friendship. It was obvious from the dates that he had the closest friendship w/Jillian and judging from the hottub scene there was some chemistry there.

    I think like many Bachelors before him, Jason is falling into the trap of making strong physical attraction the most important aspect of a relationship. I had hoped that he'd learned something from his previous failed relationships, but I'm starting to doubt it.

  9. Okay, as I was fast forwarding through all the kissy scenes, I must have missed Jason say that Melissa reminded him of DeAnna and his ex-wife. Hmmm...interesting.

  10. I was so thinking it could have been Jillian. I really liked her as well. The other two... hmmmm... I can't pick now. I did like Mel better than Molly, but just not real sure. I think Mel would be better with children. I also think J's face seems more natural and at ease with Mel. The way he looks at her is more of an in love with you look. (PFFFT... just guessing!) As for Deanna coming back... ugh... I am anxious to see what is said.

    Guess we will see.

    I hope I can't be here for the party. I hope my arms are full of a cute baby boy, or going to get that baby boy. But if not, I will be sure to check in.


  11. OMGOSSSSH! I can't believe he sent Jill home! What was he thinking. They seemed so cute together - oh well, what do I know? The hot tub scene was a bit much - bordering on porn and then he sends her home???? I'd be ticked if I were her....... Btw, I'm not quite understanding how he can sleep with all three of these girls over the course of a week which of course, I'm assuming they did...... - they're all pretty shallow - but it sure makes for some good TV and I'm watching it, so what's that make me? LOL

  12. http://teamtottle.blogspot.com/2009/02/bachelor-conspiracy-theory-and-after.html

    Oh my! Check out my blog for some seriously disturbing Bachelor rumors, and they're going to air an After The Final Rose, part 2 on Tues night!!!




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