Sunday, February 22, 2009


I am in absolute shock over the generosity of so many of you incredible friends - old & new!! Every time we receive a donation to our adoption fund, we are humbled, blessed, thankful.

Today I am thankful for every single one of you who is praying for us.

Today I am thankful for your generous donations that will help to bring Baby O home to us.

Today I am thankful for the precious little one in Korea who will soon make me a mother.

Today I am thankful for a weekend spent with my incredible parents who came to visit us.

Today I am thankful to be heading to church right now to praise the Savior and give thanks for each of you!

What are you thankful for today?

**I still have a handful of ticket numbers to send out to some folks from yesterday, I'll do those by this evening!**


  1. Hi Rachel,

    I am going to figure out how to post your Giveaway on my blog today - promise!!! What a great start you are off to!

    :) Katie

  2. I am thankful for Walmart's tee shirt prices! I need a boat load and at $4 and $5 a crack I can get quite a few!!!
    Now the problem is do I get short sleeve which I WILL need or Long sleeve which I need NOW!
    I think I'm going with now!
    PS It IS exicting watching your tally go up and up and up!

  3. Do you have a button i could post on my blog???

  4. Congratulations on all the people who are chipping in for your adoption. What great idea. !!

    GOd bless you on your journey!

  5. We are wondering what you used to get this on your site. We also would love to try to raise donations towards our adoption, but have not found a great way to do so. This would be great.


  6. I am thankful I got accepted into a Ph.D. program!!! =D

  7. So awesome Rachel! I'm curious what your total is up to now, because on my computer your little chip in icon has not chanegd since before I donated. - It still says $85, which is what it said before I donated I think.
    Also, I posted and put the button on my side bar (you probably already know that since you commented, but I haven't recieved a ticket number yet, I don't think. Not like that's why I did this. :) Really, I am super privledged to be able to help out. I had been wishing for a way to help and you did a great job including us!).

  8. Yea Rachel! You are rockin' the raffle!!! I SO HOPE you are able to raise all that you need!

    You might tell people that the chipin icon will sometimes get 'stuck' until they clear the cache on their computers...not sure why, but it does.

    Congrats on breaking $1000!

  9. Oh, wow, this is so exciting...I keep refreshing your page and watching your total rise!

    The power cord to my computer broke yesterday, so I wasn't able to get on until just now...but I am going to do a post and have it up tonight...just so you don't think I'm bailing on ya!

  10. Hi! I've really been enjoying your blog. Sorry for taking so long to comment!
    We are currently on an adoption adventure, as well! :)
    I've posted your fundraiser on our blog.. hope it helps!

    Best wishes and blessings to you!



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